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Piedmont College 

Ld* & 

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^' ' >im9BpSS.">fi i 


Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2012 with funding from 

LYRASIS Members and Sloan Foundation 

Piedmont College is a unique school full of unique students, 

faculty and staff. The Yonahian staff has created this book to 

standout and be an original, just like each and everyone of you. 

"You were born an original. Don't die a copy." - John Mason 


Athens Open Mic 


Athens Patriot Da 


Athens White wa 


Athletics Depart™ 

A Christmas Carol 75 

A Little Night Music 96. 97 

A1A Concert 34 

Abernathy, Holli 57, 64, 104, 123, 

Ad cox Gazell, Ann 79 
Adeboye, David 125 

Atkinson, Abby 12 
Atkinson, Molly 6^ 
Aycock, Brandy 1 
Ayers-Berrong, M^ 

Ayers, Brooke 146 
Ayers, Phillip 1 51 

Ad kins, Justin 104 

Ad kins, Miracle 28, 119 


Administrative Services 1 50 


Admissions Office 145 


Alexander, Taylor 67, 104 

Allen. Carl 104,128 

Babb, Andrew 1CW 

Allen, Jessica 21 

Bailey, Elaine 140 

Reference 6 

Chamber Singers 

Katie Robinson, Bradley McKee, 

Moleek Simmons and Jeremy 

Doullyiez sing in the Center of 

Worship and Music 

for the Spring concert. 

g g ^fc'fcn 


The Tempest 

1. Jeremy Doullyiez and Melissa Rise 

are married by her father, Nolan 

Carnett in The Tempest. 

2. Jennifer Fuller celebrates her 

freedom with other fairies, after 

being released as a fairy slave. 

3. Brandon Mahaffey plays Prospero 
and he scolds Rickey Eberhardt and 

Kate Meents for plotting to take the 
crown from him. 

4. Justin Cilleland and Chase Weaver 

enjoy drinks, while Matt McClure 
plots revenge. 

Women's Basketball 
Make it to Nationals 

The Women's Basketball 
team is all smiles after 
their big win to qualify for 
nationals! They ended a 
great season in the first 
round of NCAA III national 
tournament against 
Thomas Moore College. 

Casino Night 

1. Brannon Shedd and Nic 

Sridej play a game of 

Texas Hold 'Em. 

2. Cindy Peterson deals 

out a hand of Blackjack to 

Dustin Ingram and Jay 


3. Leighann Crump, Jennie 

Norris and Kathleen 

Johnson smile while 

enjoying the Oxygen Bar. 

4. Katheryn Knarr keeps a 
"Poker Face" while playing 

Texas Hold 'Em and Cody 

Nimmo discretely checks 

his cards. 

B e f**fly 

Athens Family Fun Day 

The Athens Family Fun 
Day was a blast for all 
ages with face-painting, 
inflatables, a cake walk 
and food. 

Barbara Ben 

~lht) with a Piedmont Famil 1 



e « 

fe-rtiq V 


Spring Formal 2011 

I.Peter Davis and Kate Meents shows 

excitement as they dance! 

2. Everyone watches as Jennifer Fuller 

shows off her dance moves. 

3. Danielle Morgan, Sasha Ugi, and Jessica Wilkie are all 

dressed up and dancing with everyone. 

4. Moleek Simmons is focused on his dancing, as others 
follow his dance moves to Michael Jackson's Thriller. 

5. Students including Sasha Ugi, Bryan Hudson and 

Tamara Budd gather to dance in the long 

dancing chain created around the dance floor. 

6. Brooke Terilli and Jacob Berry laugh while 

they try to figure out a dance move. 

7. Kel Lee Cutrell helps make and serve 

"mocktails" to all the thirsty dancers. 

8. Renee Lowry and her date smile 

as they enjoy a dance with each other. 

H ^^T^ ^Hi 


k « M 


Mellichamp Celebrates 

40 Years 

Provost and Vice President of Academic 

Affairs James Mellichamp celebrated 40 

years of being a solo organist by 

performing at an anniversary concert in 

Piedmont's chapel. Mellichamp 

performed some of his favorite pieces 

by Bach and Bruhns on the Sewell Pipe 

Organ in the chapel. 

Be * [yrfe ^Wer 

Nursing Disaster Drill 

Every spring at Piedmont, the nursing department holds a 
disaster drill to train nursing students to be prepared for 

actual emergencies. 

1. Nursing students ready supplies and set up a triage 

center for the disaster drill. 
2. Students treated head traumas, burns, and other 


3. A Habersham County firefighter assists the nursing 

students in rescuing students from the school bus. 

I. Professor Jennifer Arbitter interviewed people on the 

scene for coverage of the drill for PC60. 

5. At the triage station, students ordered treatment of 

victims according to the severity of their injuries. 


Alpha Lamda 
Delta Induction 

1. Amber Smith lights her induction 
candle with Taylor Sexton. 

2. Kate Meents and Dr. Vance 

3. The new inductees recite the 
pledge of the ALD honor society. 

The Piedmont College Chorale, Chamber 
Singers, and Orchestra came together to 
present the spring Creat Composers 
Concert. They performed pieces by 
Beethoven, Ola Cjeilo, and Benjamin 
Britten, creating a night of beautiful 
music and vocals. 

Be a 4fer° 

To Kill a Mockingbird 

1. Oliver Merrit, Fletcher Deal, and Brit 
Hensley watch the trial. 

2. Jamie Haselhurst and Peter Davis as 
Mayella and Bob Ewell 

3. Scout (Alexandra Mahoney) and Jem 
(Matt McClure) first meet Dill (Jeremv 
Douylliez), hiding under the Finch porch. 

4. Njoki Coleman, Moleek Simmons, 
Whitni Coke, and Sky Ross as the local 
church choir. 

5. Atticus Finch (Justin Doro) gives a 
fatherly kiss to his daughter Scout 
Finch (Alexandra Mahoney). 

6. Bob Ewell (Peter Davis) attacks the 
Finch children, but Boo Radley (David 
Reynolds) saves the day. 

7. Alexandra Mahoney, Jeremy 
Douylliez, Matt McClure, Njoki Coleman, 
Katie Robinson, Stephanie Bignault, and 
Savannah Shelton watch the court 
decide Tom Robinson's fate. 

Wind Ensemble Concert 


Be 6 


Earth Day Festival on the Quad 

1. Katlyn Cunn paints a tree on Michael Etheridge's 
face to support going green. 

2. The Piedmont mascot goes green by riding a bike 
previously owned by President Cleere. 

3. Sky Ross samples the refreshment table courtesy 
of Chartwell's Dining Hall 

4. Students write in chalk on the sidewalk of how 
they pledge to go green. 

Alpha Chi Induction 

1. Faith Cousino lights her induction candle. 

2. Allyson Whittaker receives her induction pin. 

3. Alpha Chi is a national scholarship honor society for 
juniors and seniors with notable CPAs. 

Egypt Speaker 

Speakers Dr. Tony Frye and 

Nathan Stock, who just 

returned from Egypt, shared 

with Piedmont students and 

faculty the current 

conditions in Egypt and the 

Mideast, as well as pictures 

from their trips. 

Be m «A-i 



Date Auction 2011 

1. Maria Carter struts her 

stuff at the dating auction. 

2. Chris Davidson shows off 

in hopes to impress the 

ladies of Piedmont. 

3. Olivia Swisher does push 

ups on the runway to show 

the Piedmont boys how 

strong she is. 

4. Stewart Parker Young 

has a great time dancing 

down the catwalk. 

Trillium Release Party 



This year was the first year 
Trillium, Piedmont's Art & 
Literary Magazine was printed 
and available for sale. Trillium 
used to promote and share 
creativity throughout the 
school. This year the winners 
for entries were, Jessica Allen, 
Abigail Black, Carol Martin, anc 
DeAnna Carswell. (Winners 
pictured left, staff pictured rtg 

Studying Abroad in England 

1. Ziggy Harrison-Tikisci and Kami Anderson pose in front of the Brandenburg 

Gate in Berlin, Germany 

2. Kami Anderson kissing the Blarney stone in Blarney, Ireland 

3. Alice Fahey and Kami Anderson enjoy some pizza in Rome, Italy 

4. Andreas Wolf, Alice Fahey, Kami Anderson, Ziggy Harrison-Tikisci Gleb 

Fedarovich, Garrett Zak, Savita Kapoor, Matthew York and Thorn Newman in 

Kami Anderson checks out the telephone booth in Nottingham. 

Psi Chi Induction 

1. Breanna Ruark, Rhonda Bruce, Connie 
Jenkins, Dr. Cynthia Vance, Angela Tucker, 

and Jendera Smith. 
2. Breanna Ruark and Dr. Vance recite the 

Psi Chi pledge. 
3. Rhonda Bruce holds her induction candle. 

B e *» J\-i 


Nurse Pinning 

Senior nursing students are 
honored with the traditional right 
of passage for BSN nursing. It is a 
time to recognize their 
achievements and to present the 
graduates with their nursing pins. 
Pinning is a timeless tradition to 
honor Florence Nightingale. This is a 
very high achievement for the 
nurses, who wear their pins 


The men's tennis 
team comes back 
from a 1-4 deficit to 
triumph over their 
rival Huntingdon 
College in a dramatic 
fashion. Piedmont 
celebrates their 
Championship win! 

Spring Graduation 

After a long four years, 440 students 

gathered for their one common goal: 

graduation. Speakers included Piedmont 

Board of Trustees Chairman Thomas A. "Cus" 

Arrendale III who reminded graduates and 

guests of President Ray Cleere's 

accomplishments before introducing him. 

President Cleere then encouraged graduates 

to "make no small plans. It is a life of small 

plans and small ideas that stir no one, least 

of all yourself." 



U K*ite|er : €>cv*A*r 

1. The Ecuador group poses at the festival at Mital del Mundo. 

2. DeCamaron of Esmeraldas, the resort the group stayed at in Esmeralda. They spent a three 

day break from school work to spend time relaxing and bonding with friends. 

3. Professor Willsea, Dakota Free, Sandra Cooper, Cwen Smith, Miracle Adkins, and Hollie Crumley 

pose at the Botannical Garden of Quito. 

4. Cotopaxi, the highest active volcano in the world, located in the Andes Mountains. 

5. The group poses at Mital del Mundo ("Middle of the World") in Quito, the capital of Ecuador. 

Sandra Cooper, Grace Griffith, Professor Willsea, Dr. Dillion (directly behind and hidden by Prof. 

Willsea), Dixie Mays, a local native, Colton Sherman, Tonya Dorsey, Gwen Smith, Dakota Free, 

Miracle Adkins, Hollie Crumley, Becky Ledford, and Cynthia Martinez. 


e a wr 

U jrr*\/e\er : €>*]\**A & $fc* H«»J 

1. Sonya Leckman, Zach Tomaswick, Natalie Danna and Nic Sridej visit Castlerigg in England. 

2. Jacob Douylliez poses with Braveheart street performer outside the Edinburgh Castle. 

3. Amy Masten, Alicia Kilby and John Kilby snap a picture with their awesome coach driver, 
Derren Milford. 

4. Erin Krauset and Christina Brown take a hike on the island of lona off the coast of Scotland. 

5. Abbi Black, Natalie Danna, Jacob Douyliez and Erin Krause get their picture taken while at 
Castlerigg in England. 

Be a v)*r\ji \-tA)fe\e r' 6>ervH**>/ ii \\ 

1. Audra Jimenez, Sasha Ugi, Amber Satterfield and Courtney Clarke-Crissom make their way over 

the bridge to the BMW Welt in Munich. 

2. Jamie Kull, Sasha Ugi and Amber Satterfield relax near their hotel in Prague. 

3. Brian Caid, Sasha Ugi, Amber Satterfield and Jamie enjoy a small meal on the outskirts of Prague. 

4. Sasha Ugi gives a new BMW Motorcycle a test drive at the BMW Welt in Munich. 

5. The group takes a quick photo opportunity outside the BMW Factory in Dingolfing outside 

Munich. (Top Left): Audra Jimenez, Alex Williams, Josh Jones, Sasha Ugi, Brian Caid, Courtney Clark- 

Crissom, Amber Satterfield, Owen Leslie, Jamie Kull, Alex Gailey, David Moore, Kate Smith, Chris 

Williams, Karly Herring, Mallory Hammonds, Josh Tench, Professor Kreiner, (bottom left) Trey 

Mcconnel, Professor Carlson, Jamison Johnson, Mark Weaver, Michelle Barks, Alex Williams. 

6. Brian Caid takes a second to enjoy the view from the Petrin Tower in Prague . 


1. While waiting to go into the Vatican, (back row) Ethan Burke, Torey Poole, Lawanda 
Burgess, Tisha Rucker, (middle) Sidney Smith, Angela Tucker, Connie, Jenkins, Joseph Martin, 
(front row) Dilyan Maclean, Jonathen Smith and Alyssia Crump enjoy the nice weather in Italy. 

2. With big smiles on their faces Angela Reilly and Jacob Reed check out the top of the Duomo 
Cathedral in Milan, Italy. 

3. Brooke Terilli, Candice Bennett, Dilyan Maclean, Angela Reilly, Olivia Swisher, Jennifer Ouillin 
and Torey Poole pose in front of Modern Art in Milan, Italy. 

4. On a walk through Pompeii, Ethan Burke, Tisha Rucker and Lawanda Burgess stop to get 
their picture taken. 

5. While out sight seeing in Rome, Angela Reilly, Torey Poole and Angela Tucker take a break 
by a beautiful fountain. 

B e a w r | A He ele r! \er\l 

1. Patrick Steck, Mak McAllister, and Tommy Cash enjoy a breathtaking view. 

2. A group of Peruvian children gather around for a photo opportunity. 

3. The student's experienced countless moments, 

including hiking up one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Machu Pichu. 

4. Stephanie Bignault enjoyed a traditional Peruvian dish. 

5. Lisa Henderson, Meredith Pyron, and Mak McAllister explore Peru, inside and out! 


P g * C~V**kf\9* 

Lady Lions Softball Make 

it to NCAA Tournament 

Two wins over Huntingdon 
College lead the team to a 
victory as they claimed the 
CSAC Softball tile. With the 
tournament win, the ladies 
moved on to the NCAA 
National Tournament where 
they reached the 
championship round of 
regional play. They ended 
up falling short to Cortland 
State University and ended 
their season 30-15. 

FlV Cheek and Terry 

Baseball Makes it to 

NCAA Tournament 

After an extra inning 

competition the Lions baseball 

team pulled off a win against 

Huntingdon College to be 

Great South Athletic 

Conference champions. The 

Lions went on to NCAA South 

Regional play where they 

placed third in the 

tournament. They ended their 

season with an overall record 

of 32-15. 

larvMiers. fcarrett Lovelace. 
Caleb Cocfcpan and Curtis Cometf 

2nd Annual Bluearass Festival 

During a day of country, 

bluegrass and old-time ^ 

music, people around the 

community gather to listen 

to many different soloists 

and groups at Arrendale 

Amphitheater. Theater 

professor Johnson Emceed 

the 2nd annual event at PC. 


A1A brought their 

Jimmy Buffett Tribute 

Show to Piedmont this 

July, for a fun 

Caribbean style beach 

party at Arrendale 


Demorest was able to 

enjoy a taste of 

Margaritaville and also 

hear music by not just 

Jimmy Buffett but the 

Beach Boys as well! 


^ .irjy 



North Georgia Theater Presents: 
Arsenic & Old Lace 

1. Jonathan Brewster and Dr Einstein, about 
to torture Mortimer Brewster 

2. Mortimer kisses his aunt Martha when he 
arrives with his girlfriend Elaine Harper 

3. Teddy Brewster says goodbye to his toy 
soldiers when Officer Klein takes them to 
underprivileged children. 

4. Officers Klein and Brophey take Jonathan to 
jail for murders. 

5. Teddy Brewster takes Dr. Einstein to dig for 
for lock. 





Be a U> 


Freshmen Move-In & Orientation 

1. Rajvee Vajani, Megan Zanone, Rachel Tolliver, and Molly Mulholland 

are all smiles after recently arriving at Piedmont! 

2. Terry "Brock" Bennett and Matt Brown participate in the different orientation activities. 

3. One of Piedmont's new freshmen goes through a hula hoop in the ropes course. 

4. A group of freshman gather together for team bonding and try to work together to get out of a "human knot." 

5. The Class of 201 5 gathers for the annual class picture. 
6. Chris Eaton and Trey Martin help to carry Alex Mahoney along the ropes course! 

7. Caleb Emmett takes his turn on the tire swing. 
8. Boys try hard to keep their balance on beams while at the ropes course. 

Movie Night 
on the Quad 

1. Sean Maguire and 

Tianashan Jones set up 

to watch the movie 

Due Date on the quad. 

2. Brooke Terrilli hides 

out in the projector 

case before the movie 


3. Jessica Wilkie, Jessica 

Blackwell, Stephanie 

Bignault, Brooke Terrilli 

and Kayla Watson enjoy 

a nice evening with 

friends and a good 


Be * t> 


Invade Concert 

Piedmont hosted the concert 
to benefit Habit for Humanity 
The concert showcased 
independent bands from 
several areas. The community 
was able to come out to 
Arrendale Amphitheater and 
enjoy nice weather, great 
music and food. 

Convocation & Club Fair 

1. Reverend John Beyers gives the 

address "What's Your Status?" 

2. President Hollingsworth welcomes 

everyone to a new school year at 


3. Cindy Peterson presented the class 

of 201 5 to the crowd at convocation. 

4. David Chandler hands out free ice 

cream at the activities fair. 

5. Jasmina Szczesna signs up for a club. 

6. Sasha Ugi speaks at convocation. 

7. Bethany Murley discusses the 

debate team with fellow students. 

8. Nicholas Leaf puts the places he has 

been on the map. 

m Hi ■ ■ 

Be m \[ ^\e [ 

Fall Opening Week for Lion Athletes 

September 1st-4th were some busy days for the Lions Athletic Department. On 

Thursday the Lions Volleyball team the court at Toccoa Falls to pull off their first win 

of the season over Toccoa 3-0. On Friday the Cross Country teams competed in the 

North Georgia Technical College Invitational where the women took first place and the 

men took second in their races. On Saturday and Sunday the soccer teams hosted the 

first Piedmont College Fall Invitational. The Lady Lions Soccer team won both their 

matches while the men battled hard but couldn't pull off a win for the weekend. 



September 11 th Memorial 

Piedmont College and churches 

from the area hosted a 

"Service of Remembrance and Hope" 

on the 10th anniversary of the 

9/11 attacks in New York, 

Washington, D.C., and Pennsylvania. 

The community gathered to reflect and 

remember the tragic events. 

There was a combined choir made up of 
singers from across northeast Georgia. 


Homeless on 
the Quad 

Homeless on the Quad was hosted 
to raise awareness of homelessness 
throughout the world. Student's 
were given the opportunity to live 
one night in the life of a homeless 
individual. Student's were allowed 
to bring one drawstring backpack 
with items they would like for the 

Michelle Malone Concert 

Atlanta Native 1 

Michelle Malone 1 

blends rock, folk, 
and blues to create ! 


' ''T^il 

her own unique J 

1 ' wjfftm 

sound, which she & 

shared with Jj 

Piedmont this fall. 1 



1. Piedmont students 

try their luck at love 

at a speed dating 


2. Danielle Morgan and 

Jay Canning try to get 

to know each other in 

2 minutes. 

3. Jacob Vincent and 

Maria Carter bonded 

during the event. 

4. Ryan Price and Zach 

Sprague talk to some 

of Piedmont's single 


e ** 


Museum of Art Opening 

In September, Piedmont became the 
newest home for fine art in Northeast 
Georgia. With 200 guests, including 
Governor Nathan Deal and his wife, the new 
museum opened its doors to show 117 
painting and sculptures donated by 
Piedmont alum Bill Mason and Bob 





e a 



South Pacific 

1. Cpl. Hamilton Steeves and George 
"Stewpot" Watts wait for orders. 

2. Seabee Richard West and Nurse Elizabeth 
West attend the outfit's Thanksgiving 

3. Local islander Liat and Lt. Joseph Cable fall 
in love. 

4. Cable and Captain George Brackett 
discuss the secret mission. 

5. Luther Billis and Stewpot check out 
Bloody Mary's merchandise. 

6. Bloody Mary tells Lt. Cable about the 
island of Bali Ha'i. 

7. The de Becque children and Ensign Nellie 
Thombush watch for ships. 


Flag Football & Powderpttff Football 

The Intramural Club puts together sporting events for students to get out and stay 

active. Flag Football and Powderpuff Football are just two of the sports offered 

throughout the year. This year for both flag football and powderpuff there was a 

great turnout and everyone had fun. For flag football the Falcon's team came out 

with the overall season win. Powderpuff had one game between the upperclassmen 

and underclassmen girls. The underclassmen came from behind to take the win, but 

that didn't keep both teams from having fun. 


B e liw»t/*f-We 

Presidential Inauguration 

1. Rita Finch represents the Athens student body by 
speaking at the inauguration to welcome President 


2. After the ceremony, President Hollingsworth is with his 

family members Elizabeth Hollingsworth, Jake 

Hollingsworth, and Luke Hollingsworth. 

3. Emeritus President Cleere shakes the hand of 

Piedmont's 12th President, Danny Hollingsworth. 

4. President Hollingsworth smiles while receiving a 

standing ovation. 

5. Rev. Ashley Cleere is pictured with a 

local Girl Scout during the Posting of the Colors. 

I rf^ { ' .. 


\ ID 

— ^Jr 

. ( James F. Mellinchamp 


Be m C~*#ieAi* 


Brandon Styles Show 

1. Brandon opens the show with a magic 
trick, using Kathryn May as a lovely 


2. Brandon uses brain waves to find out 

what Steven Strickland was thinking. 

3. Brandon changes the words in his 

singing impressions to sing about a 

growing mole on his face while 

pretending to be Enrique Inglesias. 

4. Brandon impersonates Michael Jackson, 

wearing one glove, sunglasses, and a wig. 

5. Brandon serenades Allison Whittiker as 

she dances front and center! 

6. Steven Strickland must have been 

of underwear! 

1. Jenny Fowler 
and Aubrey Tidwell begi 
carve their pumpkin. 

2. Faith Cousino smiles while 
watching the contest. 

3. Brooke Terrelli 

and Sean Maguire focus as 
they compete against 
each other! 

4. Ashley Prince, Danielle 
Vidd, Jenny Fowler, Aubrey 
Tidwell, Tamara Budd, Molly 
Mulholland, Anna McClatchy, 
Holli Abernathy, Megan 
Hampel and Jessica Tolliver 
smile as they show their 
finished pumpkins. 

Nick Hallberg, Greg Puckett, and Chris Davidson 
wait in line for Mind Bender. 
2. Morgan Reed and Carsey Pilcher ride on the 

Monster Mansion 

3. Tiffany Bruce, Chris Davidson, Nick Hallberg, Greg 

Puckett, Patrick Steck, Chelsea Prince, Morgan 

Reed, and Carsey Pilcher wait to ride the Superman. 


Lacrosse Scrimmages 

Piedmont made history by 
welcoming Men's Lacrosse with 
their first-ever competition in 
the Fall non-traditional season. 
The lacrosse players played the 
University of Georgia and 
Clemson club teams to prepare 
for the regular season this 



Empty Bowls 

Art Society Kappa Pi hosts Empty 

Bowls as "an international 

grassroots effort to fight 

hunger." All proceeds went to 

the Habersham Soup Kitchen. 



e * 


Haunted House: 
Carnival of Screams! 

1. Nic Sridej terrorizes visitors of the 

haunted house with his sledgehammer. 

2. Steven Strickland follows visitors 

throughout the house, making sure they 

have no way to escape. 

3. Katy Henderson , Rebecca 

Bloomingdale, and Rylee Roberts danced 

around and invited visitors to play. 

4. Jessica Wilkie, Jessica Blackwell, and 

Torey Poole slammed doors and surprised 

visitors as they walked by. 

5. Jennifer Fuller turns Trey Lister into a 

psycho clown before the haunted house. 

6. Brooke Terilli and Shelby Myers worked 

as fortune tellers, predicting the dyer 

futures of haunted house tourists. 


Piedmont's fall festival is always a hit, 
offering students a pumpkin-carving 
contest, DYl tye dye shirts, and other 
favorite fall activities. 

ater, Danielle>Aorgan, i c Herd 
'll.incl. Trey Lister. ' '' <iu/re 

Piedmont students participated in the Strides 

for a Cure Walk for breast cancer awareness at 

Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta. Zach 

Thomaswick, Ty Jones, Michelle Holland, Jessica 

Blackwell, Brooke Terilli, Kelli Bell, Jessica Wilkie 

Sasha Ugi, and Kayla Watson all attended. 



B e a ^re*k 

Halloween Ball 

Freak Show World of Horror 

1. McKenna Foote scared people as a 
dead doll. 

2. Tara Keilholtz and Katie Justice are 
ready to dance as a zombie and Medusa. 

3. Tamara Rainwater and Nic Sridej pose 
as Japanese tourists with Drew Davis, a 
zombie clown. 

4. Melissa Rice, Coleton Searcy, and 
Brooks Davis take a break from dancing. 

5. Piedmont freaks dance in the cage. 

6. President Hollingsworth made an 
appearance at the dance, and was 
quickly grabbed for a photo op with Nic 

7. Justin Cilleland partied as Andy 
Samberg from Lonely Island 

8. Jacob Vincent aka DJ Tomahawk 
provided the latest tunes for the night. 

9. Jeremy Douylliez and Danielle Morgan 
hoped for the best couple costume as 
cereal and milk. 

10. Laura Eavenson and Carolyn Mote 
as Siamese twins), and Amy Buice (a 

mad scientist) man the food table. 


Cross Country Goes to 

Texas for NCAA Race 

The Cross Country team ended their 

season by heading to Texas for the 

NCAA South/Southeast Regional. 

Each lady lion posted their individual 

bests for the season at the regional 

race. Jasmina Szczesna came in 45th 

out of 200 women and was first 

across the finish line for the 

Piedmont women. Some of the Men's 

team ran as well to wrap up their 

season. For head coach Charlie 

Patterson's first season the women's 

cross country team placed first in 

CSAC, while on the men's side 

Piedmont placed second. 

Be a C~U**(>i 9 * 

Lady Lions Soccer Make it to NCAA Tournament 

After a record breaking season for the lady lions soccer team 

they continued in post season play after winning the CSAC 

Tournament. They moved to the NCAA Tournament and fell 

to Emory after a tough battle against the number 5 team in 

the nation. They ended their season 17-3-1, the best record 

for Piedmont's 19 year Women's Soccer program. 

Chamber Singers 

Fall Concert - 'Remembrance' 

Directed by Wallace Hinson, the 
Chamber Singers performed a show in 
remembrance of lost loved ones. Many 
of the pieces perf morned were written 
for specific events and challenged the 
singers with the emotional aspect and 
well as the difficulty level of the music. 

Piedmont students were able to display their many artworks. 

2. Professors talk about the upcoming trip to Peru in May. 

3. Katheryn Knarr participates in the debate competition. 

4. Kelley Miller and Kelsey Schaff ernoth show off their new 
"Pulseras" they bought at the conference 

City Pass: 
Aquarium and 
World of Coke 

Piedmont took a group of 

students to Atlanta for the 

day! Everyone enjoyed 

the world's largest aquarium 

and the World of Coke! 




Hoopla Frenzy 

1. Will Stroupe helps Safari Smith in the 
dunk contest. 

2. Elise Rayes wins the hoola-hoop 

3. Jenna Hoffman, Taylor Alexander, 
Philip Henri, and Patrick Lyons get 
excited for the tug-of-war! 

4. The Lion had spirit the whole night 
and got the students excited! 

5. Cassie Billingsly and Channing 
Anderson were the finalist in the dance 

6. Chris "Sweet-Cheeks" Meeks makes 
his dunk, while dressed up as coach Lee 

7. The judges in the dunk competition 
hold up their scores. 

1 1P 1 




Open Mic and Galley 

)EP hosted an open Mic and Gallery event in the Student Center 
on the Athens Campus. Over fifty people came out to enjoy 
performances and the artwork. For many of the students who 
participated, they read a piece of their own work. 




■ lit 

- ^£ 



1 J\j 



Patriot Day 

Prior to the 10th anniversary 

of the 9/11 attacks, a 

memory wall was posted in 

the student center for 

faculty, staff and students 

to write and share their 

thoughts and memories. 

fUiftt fay *....■• 

kmoru Wall 

e * 



Athens Campus Orientation 

New Piedmont Lions took part in special 
team-building exercises as part of their 
orientation to college life. Pictured to the 
left: Sara Bosson, Will Bullard, Lucretia 
Cochran, Alec Cooper, Patrick Dawalt, 
Thomas Andrew Erwin, Hannah Franklin, 
Samantha Jones, Allison Jordan, Joseph 
Killeen, Allison Moore, Kristin Nix, Audrey 
Partain, Lindsey Powell Megan Skelton. 

Back to School Luau 

140 people came out to 
the Back to School Luau 
and Student Life Fair that 
was held at the beginning 
of the school year. There 
were 1 5 on and off 
campus organizations 

White Water 
Rafting Trip 

Thirteen people 

attended the white 

water rafting trip. 




Wind Ensemble 

Wind Ensemble is a group of woodwind, brass, 

and percussion players from across campus 

and community that performs concerts on 

campus. This fall's concert was the largest 

concert preformed so far in the Chapel. 



1 1 


Taylor Sextop 

Be * CrUritjrmAt c w 

A Christmas Carol ~*V * V# 

1. Ebeneezer Scrooge sees his fate through the ghost of his sister, Fan, his business partner, Jacob 
Marley, and the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future. 

2. Scrooge watches as his younger self (Jeremy Douylliez) and Fan reunite. 

3. The Fezziwigs (Justin Cilleland and Katie Robinson) host their Christmas party with Lily Baxley, 
Melissa Rice, and Jennifer Fuller. 

4. Young Scrooge and his fiance, Belle (Christina Brown), share a kiss at the Fezziwig party. 

5. Christmas Present welcomes Scrooge to Christmas morning. 

6. Couples danced away at the Fezziwig party, with choreography by Tamara Rainwater. 



\9 \ 

A * ^^ 

The Campus Activity Board offered City Passes to students to travel 
to Atlanta and see some sights. Students spent a fun weekend 
taking trips to The High Museum and Zoo Atlanta to see fantastic ar 
and amazing animals for two of the City Pass Weekends. 

Be a \Vf>erwAe\ 

1. Wesley Campbell assists Jacob 
Vincent as the DJ and with the lights! 

2. Jasmine Haley looks very professional 
as she models in the career walk. 

3. Aubrey Tidwell, captain of the PCC's 
modeling team, "Walks for our Future" 
in the cancer tribute walk. 

4. Bradley Thomas dresses as a plumber 
in the Career walk. He even had a 
plunger as an accessory! 

5. Katie Sailors, Jasmine Haley, Maria 
Carter, Salima Gregg, KJ McCoy, Wesley 
Campbell, Courtney Boggs, Olivia 
Swisher, and Bradley Thomas made up 
the team Alpha Alpha Alpha. 

6. Audrey Schroyer, Alexandra 
Mahoney, Taylor Peeples, Morgan Reed, 
Jennifer Fuller, Leah Macey, Aubrey 
Tidwell, and Casey Schnautz are on the 
Piedmont College Cheerleader Team! 

Be ah \C~ ^-|c/Him/f 

December Graduation 

1) This group of 15 students earned Piedmont's first 

Doctor of Education degrees. 

2) President Hollingsworth shakes student's hands at 

his first graduation as the President of Piedmont. 
3) Piedmont graduates celebrated their 


4) Rev. Ashley Cleere says an opening prayer. 

5) The 402 graduates and faculty mingle after the 

commencement ceremony. 

6) Dr. White helps support the new graduates! 

7) Ann Adcox Cazell smiled as she waited to receive 

her Doctor of Education degree. 

8) Piedmont Board of Trustees member, Mylle 

Mangum, was the commencement speaker. 




C-v^e^ C~ 9 V(>\e 

Jasmina Szczesna Jacob Vincent 

^*dr. Ti**frtt*\ 

Jennifer Fuller Nolan Garrett 

W*((- N\>^fc*| 

Brittany West Sky Ross 

M»(h Vk* 

JW Aitatii 

Torey Poole 

Alex Sridej 

Shanice Wheeler 

Jessie Jenkins 

B ffi ^frffre<l 

Jennifer Fuller 

Patrick Lyons 

Be ft ikfc 

Jessica Wilkie 

Zach Petersen 

N\r. & }\r{. \ieM°*\- 

Jennifer Fuller 

Most Involved 



4 ' 

i i 

Sky Ross 

Maria Carter 

Nic Sridej 

Bethany Murley 

Nic Sridej 

Bethany Murley 

Seth Latoni 

Bud, V'lkUl 

Ash Nash 

Brooks Willis 

In the Student Center 

Ben Cisse 

Symone Ball 

fy^t; f*$M»iMl»|e 

Jasmina Szczesna 

Wesley Campbell 

"•- r 7 i 






Piedmont hosted a rave in the Student 

Center. It had a great turn out, and was 

the talk of the school for the next week. 

Be a C~Ueer\ 


Co-Ed Cheerleading 

Every year the cheerleaders 

recruit boys to help pump 

the crowd up during a 

basketball halftime show. The 

boys helped the cheerleaders 

perform a tough routine, but 

they had the crowd cheering. 

The routine included lots of 

dancing and amazing stunts 

to wow the crowd. 

The cheerleader's motto for 

this game was "throw girls, 

not balls!" All of the boys 

hard-work payed off! 





Homecoming Bonfire 

Even with difficult weather conditions, 

students celebrated Homecoming Week with 

a Bonfire behind Plymouth. The Sigma Alpha 

Pi helped to make it successful as possible! 



Homecoming 2012 

:ongratulations to Mike Ross and Shanice Wheeler for winning Homecoming King and Queen. 
Dther students on the homecoming court included seniors Jennifer Fuller, Aubey Tidwell, Caleb 
:ochran, Sasha Ugi, Kyle Davis, Jacob Doulliez, Juniors Olivia Swisher, Timmi Nunez, Cassie Billingsly 
md Cameron Pruitt, Sophomores Margorie Hammond, Josh Bailey, Hillary Lewis, Billy Mangum, 
md freshmen Shelby Myers, Jessie Jenkins, Haley Peeples, and Preston Triguero. 

Be a C^'rtteJii** 

Tm Sexy and I know It" Improv Show 

1. Matt McClure and Nic Sridej perform a 

scene through interpretive dance. 

2. Sky Ross, Laura Merrit and Amy 

Masten perform as a trio, 

complaining about waitresses. 

3. Sky Ross, Oliver Merritt, Matt 

McClure, and Ben Cisse sing an 

Irish Drinking Song. 

4. Justin Cilleland, Jacob McKee and 

Amy Masten play "Channel Switch." 

5. Sky Ross and Ben Cisse play a 

round of "World's Worst." 

6. Sky Ross, Matt McClure, Chelsey 

McCleskey, Jacob McKee, Justin 

Cilleland, Melissa Rice, Ben Cisse, Laura 

Merritt, Amy Masten, Nic Sridej, and 

Oliver Merritt as Schticks and Giggles. 



^olland and Katie 


-A[-wfrtu>| (• 


Paws For a Cause 

Piedmont's Health and Wellness Club 
hosted its first ever benefit dog walk, 
Paws for a Cause. Locals were 
encouraged to stop by the 
Amphitheater with their pooches and 
compete in contests, enter raffles, buy 
food, and make donations to the 
Habersham Humane Society. The 
humane society came with dogs for 
adoption and offered rabies 
vaccinations services. 

1. Kayla Watson, Rosie Walk, Hannah 
Collins, Sean Maguire, Brooke Terilli, Sky 
Ross, Jessica Wilkie, Zack Thomaswick, 
Kelli Cutrell, Michelle Holland, Jessica 
Blackwell, Tamara Rainwater, Njoki 
Coleman, Katarine Hodge and Ty Jones. 

2. Piedmont students register locals and 
their pooches for the walk. 

3. Eric Holland runs out some extra 
energy before the walk with his buddy 

Be a .jfater 

A Little Night Music 

1. Fredrik Egerman and Coung Carl-Magnus Malxolm both vie for Desiree Armfeldt's attention. 

2. Anne Egerman and Countess Charlotte Malcolm learn of their husbands' infidelity. 

3. Anne Egerman's maid, Petra, attempts to seduce Henrik Egerman. 

4. The Liebeslieder Singers observe the weekend's events. 

5. The cast and crew of "A Little Night Music" pose for a group photo. 

6. Petra brushes Anne Egerman's hair. 

7. Desiree comforts Fredrik after he plays Russian Roulette with the Count. 

8. Madame Armfeldt shares stories with her granddaughter, Fredrika, as Frid the butler looks on. 



e ah 

Spring Sports Begin at Piedmont 

The end of February means the beginning of another spring season here at Piedmont. After 

playing at the Gwinnett Braves field the Piedmont Lions Baseball team returned to their first 

home game win against Washington and Lee. The Piedmont Lady Lions softball team began their 

season with winning both games in a double header against Truett-McConnell. Tennis faced their 

first home matches against Berry, where the men's team came out on top while the women 

fought a hard battle, but couldn't get the first win of the season. Lacrosse also scrimmaged 

before they faced regular season games. They played Reinhardt College and won 22-6. 







Holli Abernathy 

Justin Adkins 

Taylor Alexander 

Carl Allen 

Koff i Ametohoun 

irons y 

Patrick Amnions Channing Anderson 


Lauren Anderson 

Robby Bailey 

Krista Baker 

Sam Ballinger 

Abu Bangura 

Cayla Banks 

Dale Bartek 

Lilly Baxley 

Samantha Beasley 

Kelli Bell 

Matt Bell 


Symone Bell 

Brock Bennett 

Jacob Berry Stephanie Bignault Cassie Billingsley 

Christina Brown 


Mallory Brown 

Colton Bryant 


Bethany Burns 

Tyler Buttram 

Katie Byrd 


Kevin Caldwell 

Wesley Campbell 

Nicole Canup 

Maria Carter 

Melanie Cassiday Jessica Channell 

Josh Chapman 

Ben Cisse 

Justine Clay 

A.J. Clendennin 

Caleb Cochran 

Taylor Coiner 

Lamia Colbert 

Njoki Coleman 

Hannah Collins 

Thomas Cone 

Ed Cook 

Curtis Cornett 

LeeAnna Crawford Joann Cromer Ariel Crossman 

i inuc 
Austin Crowe 


Leighann Crump 


Jake Cummings 

Joe Curatolo 

Storm Cuthbert 

Kyle Davis 

Rachel Davis 

Bfy ~^tiB 



- * Ml 

, W^^l* 1 


Madison Dawson 

Fletcher Deal 

Ouentin Deaton Dylan Delaney Eddie Denovellis David DeSantiago 

Jon Desilets 

Justin Donaldson 

Cindy Dye 

Caleb Emmett 

Paige Eslinger 

Richard Etheredge 

Chelsea Falk 

Ashley Fannon 

Elizabeth Farmer 

Jay Evans 

Ashley Ferree 

Mason Flynn 

Miles Flynn 

McKenna Foote 

Kellen Ford 

Sam Fox 

Dakota Free 

Brian Caid 


John Sumner Cantz 

Tracey Gardner 

Erin Cathercoal 

Buck Cattie 

Justin Cilleland 

Chris Coershel 

Cydney Goodwin 

I IflNS 

Nicholas Green 

Salima Greig 

Haley Grimes 

Alex Ghiley 

Laura Goodwin 

Teresa Gulley 

PiedmomLiotiM urn 

Elizabeth Gunter 

Morgan Hall 

Nick Hallberg 

Lauren Hamel 

Marjorie Hammond James Harmon Gwendolywn Harper 

Lisa Harris 

Josh Haymore 

Kasey Headrick 

Meghan Heim 

Danielle Hendrick 


Sarah Hill 

Kelsey Hochstetler 

Taylor Hockley 

Katarina Hodge 


Jenna Hoffman 

Michelle Holland 

Jessica Hollis 

Maghan Holmes 

Shantara Huff 

Hares Husseini 


Amber Hyche 

Alec Jameson 

Zachary Jameson Chelsea Jenkins 

Jesse Jenkins 

Hallye Jerkins 

India Johnson Nicholas Johnson Rebecca Johnson 

Alyssa Jones 


Paul Jones Allison Jordan Hillary Kelley Cara Kenney 

Katheryn Knarr Lydia Koffi Tate Koons Erin Krause 


Kevin Kubandi 

Jamie Kull 

Lily Landeros 

Chris Lew 

Charlotte Lewallen 

Matt Lisk 

Brendan Lister 

Trey Lister 

Connor Lockridge 

Garrett Lovelace 

Kyle Lundberg 

Daniel Lyndsey 

Patrick Lyons 

Luke MacDonald 

Dilyn Maclean 

Danielle Maffett 

Sean Maguire 

Billy Mangum 

Tyler Marcinko 

Trey Martin 

Matthew Mashbum Marchelle Massey 

Chez Maxwell 


Kathryn May 

Megan McClain 

Anna McClatchy Chelsey McCleskey 

Trey McConnell 
r • 



Torrey McDowell Ethan McCowan 

Jacob McKee 

James McMillian 

Nikki Means 

Chris Meeks 


Sean Melton 

Justin Miller 

Kelly Miller 

Wesley Milton 

Dale Morely 

James Moyer 

Molly Mulholland 

Kristen Murri 

Richarson Myrthil 

Lyndsey Nichols 

Ashton Nash 

Rojelio Navarrete 

Caleb Neill 

Cody Nimmo 

Kaitlin Norman 

Timmi Nunez 

Casey Parham 

Cameron Parsons 

J. P. Pearce 

Zach Petersen 


Carsey Pilcher 

Torey Poole 

Amanda Posey 

Lindsey Powell 

Rachel Powell 

Yvonne Powell 

Ryan Price 

Ashley Prince 

Elise Reyes 

Catherine Rice 

Katie Rice 

Melissa Rice 

Shayna Rogers 

Macie Rooke 

Michael Ross 


Max Rowse 

Jon Ryon 

Katie Sailors 

Amber Satterf ield Kelsey Schaffernoth 

Seth Schutter 

Codi Schutz Donna Segars 

Emily Shattuck 

Brannon Shedd 

Stephen Sherfy 

Colten Sherman 

Joel Silverberg 

Moleek Simmons 

Will Skaggs 

Taylor Sketch 

Safari Smith 


Sidney Smith 

Wes Snyder 

Stephen Soucy 


Zachary Sprague 

Alex Sridej 

Matt Stephens 

Abigail Sutton 

Nic Sridej 

Patrick Steck 

Drew Stephens 

ic -* i i" 

Brad Stinson 

Brady Strickland Megan Studdard 

Jesse Sutton 

Jasmina Szczesna 

Brooke Terilli 

Bradley Thomas 

Jessica Taylor 

James Thomas Keiondria Thomas 

Trey Thomas 

Vincent Thomas Chris Thompson 

Bryce Thorson 

Rajvee Vajani 

Marshall Voight 

Andy Waldrop 

Lashiroh Walker 

Hayleah Waters Nick Weatherby 

II 1*1 

Brittany West 

Sada Wheeler 

Shanice Wheeler 


Justin Whitaker 

1 1 1 

Shelby Whitehouse 

Jenny Whitmire 

Allyson Whittaker 

Jessica Wilkie 

Robert Williams 

Brooks Willis 

Colt Woodall 

i irmq 

Chase Woods 

Parker Young 

Megan Zanone Miracle Adkins 

Michelle Payne 

Matt Youtsey 

David Poston 





Back Row: Head Coach Jimmy Stephens, Bradley Thomas, Sean Melton, Stephen Sherfy, Connor Lockridge, Nick Weatherby, 
Mason Flynn, Brian Caid, Sidney Smith, Miles Flynn, Cameron Parsons, Vincent Thomas, Justin Whitaker, Chris Eaton, Athletic 
Trainer Tim Miesmer; Front Row: Codi Schutz, Parker Young, Tyler Buttram, Jon Ryon, Rojelio Navarrete, Koffi 
Ametohoun , Chase Rivers, Brooks Willis, Brendan Lister, Wes Snyder, Abu Bangura, Hares Husseini 

Women's \*cter 

Back Row: Assistant Coach Timmy McCormack, Head Coach Stephen Andrew, Kirstin Murri, Amber Hyche, Laura Goodwin, 
Emily Shattuck, Shanya Rogers, Dilyn Maclean, Justine Clay, Dakota Free, Meghan Heim, Macie Rooke, Lyndsey Nichols, Keiley 
Miller, Sam Ballinger, Assistant Coach Charlotte vargo; Front Row: Elizabeth Farmer, Cydney Goodwin, Hayleah Waters, Taylor 
Hockley, Kelsey Schaffemoth, Marjorie Hammond, Haley Grimes, Sarah Hill, Morgan Hall, Nikki Means, Rebecca Johnson 

Men' s C~r*cc C~ 9 V*k-ri 



Back Row: Brvce Thorson, Robert Williams, Chez Maxwell, Colten Sherman, Preston Truguero, Wesley Milton; Back Row: A.J. 
Clendennin, Trey Martin, James Harmon, Quentin Deaton, Alec Jameson 

Women's C^rHl £**U»HV 

Back Row: Megan Zanone, Anna McClatchy, Molly Atkinson, Rachel Tolliver, Molly Mulholland, Jessica Tolliver, Ashley 
Prince; Back Row: Salima Creig, Jasmina Szczesna, Carsey Pilcher, Rajvee Vajani, Holli Abernathy, Storm Cuthbert 

Wo men's V»||e/l*l I 

Back Row: Assistant Coach Monica Moreland, Rachel Powell, Hallye Jerkins, Chelsea Falk, Ashley Fannon, Jennifer 
Opper, Head Coach Sid Feldman; Middle Row: Danielle Maffett, Katie Byrd, Erin Krause, Rachel Davis, Jenna Hoffman, 
Kaitlin Norman; Front Row: Katheryn Knarr, Jessica Hollis, Paige Eslinger, Ashton Nash 

Women's C~Ueer\e*ii* 

Back Row: Coach Renee Lowry, Jennifer Fuller, Casey Schnautz, Aubrey Tidwell, Audrey Schroyer, Danielle Morgan; Middle 
Row: Carsey Pilcher, Beth Cossett, Olivia Swisher, Co-Captain-Taylor Peeples, Hillary Lewis, Leah McKee; Front Row: Morgan 
Reed, Marquanne Couch, Michelle Sosia, Alexandra Mahoney 



Back Row: Dylan DeLanev, Josh Haymore, Charming Anderson, Michael Ross, Jesse Jenkins, Will Skaggs, Kevin Kubandi; Middle 
Row: Safari Smith, Tracey Gardner, Richarson Myrthil, Will Stroup, Aaron Thrams, Josh Chapman, Tyler Arnold, David 
Adeboye; Front Row: Chris Meeks, Assistant Coach J.C. Herebia, Assistant Coach Justin Hallman, Head Coach Lee Glenn, 
Athletic Trainer Tim Miesmer, Kyle Lundberg 

Women's &*(M*b*ll 

Back Row: Assistant Coach Dan Lampl, Elise Reyes, Sada Wheeler, Lauren Anderson, Assistant Coach John Dzik; Next Row: 
Charlotte Lewallen, Caroline Hicks, Amber Satterfield; Next Row: Lauren Hamel, Symone Ball, Danielle Hendrick; Front Row: 
Assistant Coach Angela Middleton, Alyssa Jones, Keiondria Thompson, Cassie Billingsley, Head Coach Jamie Purdy 

Back Left to Right: Justin Donaldson, Stephen Soucy, James McMillian, Trey McConnell, Jeff Ledford 
Front Left to Right: Brock Bennett, Richard Etheredge, Marshall Voight, Nick Stutt, Austin Stevens 

Women's &o 

■ ? 

Left to Right: Katarina Hodge, Maria Carter, Kelsey Hochestetter, Courtney Boggs, Cayla Banks, Dusty Rogers 

Me n's \e*rt c 

Back Left to Right: Assistant Coach Estefania Balda, Nick Hallberg, Moses Das, Joel Silverberg, Front Left to Right: James 
Harmon, Jay Evans, Patrick Steck, Trey Martin, Chris Davidson 

Women's Te»»i 



(/ / / u hi*} 

: ::: 

Back Left to Right: Assistant Coach Estefania Balda, Ashley Fannon, Chelsea Prince, Lauren Anderson, Coach Shane 
Wood, Front Left to Right: Maria Carter, Meghan Smith, Morgan Reed, Katie Sailors 


Back Row: Matt Youtsey, Carl Allen, Josh Strickland, Tate Koons, Ed Cook, Chris Lew, Kyle Davis, Kevin D'Antignac, Caleb 
Cochran, Josh Bailey, Matt Lisk, Kevin Caldwell, James Moyer, Ethan Miers, Davis Partrick, Carrett Lovlace; Front Row: Matt 
Collins, David Bartek, Chris Haggard, John Duke, Kevin McConnell, Dusty Black, Curtis Cornett, Timmy Nunez, Caleb Powell, 
Dale Bartek, Matt Keadle, Colten Bryant 


Back Row: Coach Kesler, Haley Peeples, Megan McClain, Megan Kesler, Amanda Posey, Courtney Clark, Abby Atkinson, Kasey 
Headrick, Coach Martin; Middle Row: Emily Cheek, Lauren Head, Kristin Hamby, Jamie Dennis, Whitney Wolfe, Kellen Ford, 
Shanice Wheeler; Front Row: Brittney Head, Mallory Brown, Madison Eubanks, Taylor Morgan, Symone Ball, Megan Studdard 

Men's L^*cr»(ce 

Back Row: Clark Hollingswoth, Jake Milrod, Max Rowse, Nick Leaf, Sumner Cantz, Patrick Ammons, Nick Green, Jake 
Cummings, Drew Hicks, Chase Barbrey, Kevin Anderson, Pete Manderano; Front Row: Dale Morley, Parker Ellison, Spencer 
Ortis, Austin Crowe, Paul Jones, Stephen Blanchard, Andrew Blackmon, Chase Woods, Zachary Sprague, Ryan Price 



TV c~U 

Eric Brand, Elizabeth Farmer, Jekka Ward, Tucker Dixon 

fWti c~Ui> 

Dr. Roberts, Megan Hampel, Amy Buice, Chelsea Jenkins, Brittany Way, Kimberly Allen, Kayla 
Watson, Josh Lee, Zach Thomaswick, Jordan Yanagiya 

fd* £-k 

Laura Merritt, Steven Strickland, Kathryn May, Erin Cathercoal, Caleb Luikham, and Chase 
Weaver dressed up for a special showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show to collect food 
for the local humane society. 



• m 

WM& : 

■ - 9 ^BJ 


a|' J 

Ben Cisse, J.C. Herbia, Sasha Ugi, Nic Sridej, Danielle Morgan 


C~**rvt *T fc fr f ^ 

Nen/fce l 

Black Row: Trey Lister, Kayla Watson, Zach Thomaswick, Rudy Valadez, Wesley Campbell, 
Jessica Blackwell, Torey Poole, Jessica Wilkie, Katie Johnson, Shelby Meyers, Seth Latoni, 
Rickey Eberhardt; Front Row: Elizabeth Farmer, Sky Ross, Nic Sridej, Allyson Whittaker, 
Sonya Leckman, Njoki Coleman, Becca Bloomingdale, Katy Henerson, Rylee Roberts, Ben 
Cisse, Steven Strickland, Kallie Robinson, McKenna Foote; Front and Center: Michelle Holland, 
Maghan Holmes 

e c*\tf* 

Standing: Lusani Jawara, Kyle Davis, Cortney Boggs, Hillary Kelley, Abigail Sutton, Jessica 
Lovell, Jacob Vincent, Wesley Cambell, Ariel Crossman, Brooke Martin, Jesse Mashburn, 
Jesse Sutton, Cat Thomas, Nick Johnson; Upfront, Kneeling: Harley, Maghan Holmes, 
Jasmine Haley, Lydie Koffi 



Back Row: Kayla Watson, Wesley Milton, Sidney Smith, Robert Williams, Katheryn Knarr, 
Ashley Fannon, Luke McDonald, Amber Satterf ield, Jason Sheffield; Middle Row: Ashley 
Mims, Katie Rice, Courtney Benson, Kallie Robinson, Kelli Bell, Melissa Rice; Front Row: Anna 
McClatchy, Tamara Budd, Brooke Terilli; Not Pictured: Casi Best, Rebecca Bloomingdale, 
Jennifer Fuller, Chris Coershal, Alexandra Mahoney, Torey Poole 

Connie Jenkins, Rhonda Bruce; Not Pictured: Angela Tucker 

Jfg'lfrl *»1 w 


.-■ •;• . . y; +j. •■;. ■■:.■ ■■■ 
/A''-.. Jk y.- :.v r; >. 

: hM'^Vj. ..■•.V'; ■• \. \ ': 4v' 


58 ! JT :'•■■.'■ ;. : \ ■.■;«:...:■. 

« « - 




^" IL^^ 

Melissa Roth, Audrey S., Renee Lowery, Salima Creig, Michelle Holland, Zach Thomaswick, 
Casey Schnautz, Aubrey Tidwell, Hillary Lewis, Leah Mckee, Kayla Watson, Michelle Sosia, 
Brooke Terilli, Kel Lee Cutrell, Danielle Morgan 

TUe C~Vrre*)r 

A Piedmont College 
Student Ministry 

Back Row: Ian Vencil, Ben Rikeman, Joel Silverberg, Preston Triguero, Seth Latoni, David 
Mooney, Ethan McCowan; Front Row: Jennifer Pitt, Amanda Cherry, Krista Baker, Elizabeth 
Parmer, Megan Zanone 

§!' ^m^MiMi 

Wallace and Johnson Staff: Ty Jones, Kayla Watson, Zach 
Thomaswick, Sonya Leckman 

Plymouth and New Bedford Staff: Michelle Holland, Sasha Ugi, 
Tamara Rainwater 

Swanson and Maylf lower Staff: Nolan Garrett, J.C. Herebia, Jessica 


B^Bb_^^^Br"^H B^B\* /Bh B^BmB^H 



<Yi }- %4» 

m t 


^f teal 

Purcell Staff: Nic Sridej, Ben Cisse, Sean Maguire, Sky Ross, Trey 

Cetman-Babcock Staff: Danielle Morgan, Natalie Danna, Brooke 
Terilli, Maghan Holmes 




«•' 1 

rii *.. 

1 * 



Kristin Hamby, Zach Thomaswick, Sasha Ugi; Not Pictured: Sarah Smagur, Holly Abernathy, 
Jasmina Szczesna and Jamie Haselhurst 

'* Attain a 11^. 

Chelsea Jenkins, Megan Studdard, Nic Sridej, Tara Keilholtz, Katie Jusitce, Maria Carter 


'Hk»iA^ia ^ 



f(Uif> C~ 9 V*ti 

Back: Faculty Sponsor Dale Van Cantfort; Back Middle Row: Katie Justice, Tara Keilholtz, Nic 
Sridej, Megan Studdard, Patrick Timms; Front Middle Row: Erin Cathergoal, Chelsea Jenkins, 
Rebecca Johnson; Front Row: Eric Brand, Joel Silverberg, Zach Petersen, Tucker Dixon 

Erin Cathercoal, Rebecca Johnson, Katie Sailors 

C~Uemft rj 

Kyle Davis, James Moyer, Courtney Benson, Cindy Dye, Molly Atkinson, Amy Thompson, 
Shannon Romano, Jeremy Palmer, Jane Nelson, Professor Carrigan, Professor Bailey 

lO^* \i 

Sam Becker, Joe Martin, Joyce Owen, Cara Kenney, Carolyn Mote, Nikki Eastman, Laura 
Eavenson, Torey Poole, Jacob Owen, Rob Jones 

k* fu 



National Theater Honor 

Back Row: Justin Doro, Matt McClure, Justin Cilleland, Nolan Garret, Ben Cisse, Rickey 
Eberhardt, Taylor Howard, Faculty Adviser Bill Cabelhausen, Katie Robinson, Tamara 
Rainwater; Lily Baxley, Jeremy Douylliez, Moleek Simmons, Treasurer Amy Masten, Hannah 
Thomas, Secretary Stephanie Bignault, Vice President Peter Davis, President Abbie 
Strickland, Njoki Coleman, Natalie Danna 



frejUenh 4p I in<J$u/«r j-li 

Assistant: Kristen Cray 

This year's Piedmont students and I will always remember the year 2012, but for different reasons. For the 
graduating seniors, 2012 represents the end of a four-year (at least!) period of intensive study leading to 
their undergraduate diplomas. For me, 2012 marks the end of my "inaugural year" as president of 
Piedmont College; and thanks to all of you, it has been memorable as well. Since all of us may be looking 
back at this issue of the Yonahian many years from now, I would like to address this message to the 
"future students and alumni." 

Piedmont College changed a lot during your four years here, which is why it is impossible to say what the 
campus will look like when you read this 20 or 30 years from now. Those of you who were seniors in 2012 
watched as the college added two new dorms, Plymouth and New Bedford halls; and you saw the opening 
of the Mason-Scharfenstein Museum of Art. As I write this, construction is under way for another dorm 
and an art studio/classroom building. Even more new facilities are on the drawing board. 

More than the buildings, though, you will remember the friends you made on campus, the professors you 
studied for in the classroom, and the valuable lessons you learned at Piedmont that will continue to shape 
your thoughts, your careers, and your lives over the decades. 

I am certain that you, like Piedmont, will continue to grow through the years. You may earn additional 
degrees; learn new skills; and perhaps follow a different career path than you planned. However, as time 
passes by, you and Piedmont College will be inextricably linked because of your time here. Like you, I have 
great memories from my 2012 Piedmont experience and know you and I will cherish these memories for a 

Back Row: Nathan O'Brien, Mary Kathryn Tatum, Katie Porter, Brenda Boonstra, Casey Martin, James Zapp; 
Front Row: Wendy Stanley, Jennifer Wootton, Cindy Peterson; 



Joe Dawsey, Davy Cibbs, Lisa Dale, Bob Class, Brett Irvin, Chris Andrews; 


Brooke Avars, Ralph Singer, Kenneth Melichar, Cynthia Vance, Al Pleysier, Viviane Daigle, Max White, and 
Chris Kelly 

Dr. Humphrey Hardy, Professor Franklin Edge, Dr. Shahryar Heydari, Dr. Joshua Roberts, Professor Hope 
Menzel, Dr. Steven Nimmo 

Kathy Anderson, Donna Andrews, Kay Beavers, Marilyn Ayers-Berrong, Jessica Bozeman, Kathy Breithaupt, 
Lisa Brookshire, Ellen Briggs, Angela Humphrey Brown, Bill Brown, Ed Carmack, Bob Cummings, Cwen Cantt, 
Paul Greene, Randy Hollandsworth, Jean Jordan, Madge Kibler, Gary Lemmons, Ron Leslie, Charles Lucado, 
Pat McCollum, Mike Moody, Kathleen O'Keefe, Julie Palmour, Gene Pease, Betty Rogers, Paul Shaw, Michael 
Shirley, Hilton Smith, Susan Smith-Patrick, Russ Stedevan, and Jim Welsh 

John Dzik, Rodney Dyers, Denyse Vincent, Stephanie Bogart, Drew Davis, Natalie Crawford, Parks Miller, Dick 

Brandi Aycock, Justin Scali, Susan Mills, David Price, Katie Wright, Amber Harmon, Sandi Suda; 


Back Row: Jake Milrod, Pete Manderano, Brian Carter, Justin Hallman, Kevin Anderson, Sid Feldman, Jessie Moulton, Terry 
Martin, Jimmy Stephens, Justin Scali, Stephen Andrew, Lee Glenn, Shane Wood, John Dzik; Liz Butikofer, Jamie Purdy, 

Charlie Patterson, Emily Jacquette, Jim Peeples, Estafania Balda, Charlotte Vargo, Jocelyn Glenn 

Dr. James Mellichamp, Ann Sutton, Debra Taylor, Vickie Turner; 


Jennifer Arbitter, Janice Moss, Dale Van Cantfort, Abbi Oakley, Ramsey Nix; 

Chanda Defoor, Linda Wofford, Chambrike Teasley, and Cindy Nimmo 

Rhonda Sutton, Patsy Keef , Parks Miller, and David Shirey 

i ^n 



Adam Cullett, Phillip Ayers, Jason Harmon, Harold Massey, Josh Sheppard, Josh Lewallen, Chris Falk, Andy 
Monk, Pam Williams, Neal Pulliam, David Shirley, Casey Sellers, and Danny Still 

Elaine Keel, Nicole Harris, Buddy Hamilton, Kellie Parker, Kay Hamilton, Marie Whitlow, and Patricia Nicholson 

Kaitlin Wilson Botts, Robert James, Jennifer Betz, and Christopher Kelly 

William Cablehausen, Henry Johnson, John Spiegel 

Wallace Hinson, Lauren Ringwall, Johnathan Piklington, Joy Hayner, Phillip Hayner, Andrea Price, James 




Front Row: Lisa Hodgens, Wendy Charles; Second Row: Stephen Whited, Ashley Cleere, Michael Dillon; Third 
Row: Barbara Brown Taylor, Heidi Staples, Michele Moore; Fourth Row: Timothy Lytle, Stephanie Almagno, 
Monica Schulte, Lores Hauck, and Hugh Davis 

Front Row: Dr. Kathy Breithaupt, Dr. Joan Jordan, Back Row: Dr. Stan McCain, Dr. Mike Moody, and Kathleen 



Penny Loggins and Anthony Cox 


Kathleen Anderson, Dr. Marilyn Ayers-Berrong, and Jessica Bozeman 




Front Row: John Misner, Raymond Kreiner, Robert Perrella, Joyce Webb, Second Row: Mark Gardner, Keith 
Nelms, Ed Carmack, Third Row: Charles Nichols, Stephen Carlson, George Klersey, Fourth Row: Patricia 
Sherrer, Kerry Waller, Ed Taylor, Fifth Row: Glenn Miller, Walter Keel 

N**rnt ft" It* & St*ff 

Jody Anderson Kathleen Anderson Leesa Anderson 

Brooke Ayars 

Kay Beavers 

James Beeks 

Marilyn Berrong 

Jennifer Betz 

Brenda Boonstra Kaitlin Wilson Botts Jessica Bozeman 

John Brooks 

Lisa Brookshire 

Ed Carmack 


Stephen Carolson 

1 s^ 

N*"r«$f f*cv\tf b ^Mff 

Ashley Cleere 

Kel Lee Cutrell 

Drew Davis 

John Dzik 

Katy Coker 

Anthony Cox 

Natalie Crawford 

Bob Cummings 

Viviane Dalgle 

Steve Dague 

Larry Davis Joe Dawsey Chanda Defoor 

Carla Edenfield 

Candice Felice William Gabelhausen 

£•**•£ f *«/!(;/ & ^t'ff 

Bob Glass 

Judy Haygood 

Joy Hayner 

Robert Jones 

Patsy Keef 

Walter Keel 

George Klersey Raymond F. Kreiner Penny Loggins 

Philip Hayner 


Vicki Herron Shahrayar Heydari Wally Hinson Henry Johnson 

Chris Kelly 

Kim Lovell 

&•**•$ f* tv k* ** 3Kf 

■ IB*) 

Ken Melichar James Mellichamp Parks Miller 

Susan Mills 

Jim Peeples 

Robert Perrella 

Iwrejk fwi/ljjy it 5t*ff 

Kathy Perry 

Cindy Peterson 

Johnathan Piklington 

Linda Pitts 

Katie Porter 

Andrea Price 

Ralph Singer 

Linda Smith 

David Price 

&•*•«* ^"k* * <St*ff 

Marvin Wilbanks 

Libby Willis 

iwe$t f"«lty * «St*ff 

Linda Wofford 

Katie Wright 

James Zapp 

Jamie Johnson Huff, Tamara Pritchett, and Monica Ketchie 

Front Row: Mel Palmer, Terry Strickland, Soleyman Barin, Second Row: Julia Schmitz, Candace Southall, 
Mitzi Heck, Third Row: Jennifer Wooton, Kammy Leathers, Larry Davis, Fourth Row: Kenyon Brown 

At^s r * tv k* * 3t*ff 

Laura Balkcom 

Kenyon Brown 

Mel Palmer 

Soleyman Barin 

James Beeks 

Barbara Benson 

Larry Davis 

Mitzi Heck 

Jamie Johnson Huff 

Monica Ketchie Kammy Leathers 

Bath Lovern 

David Moffett 

Tamara Pritchett 

Julia Schmitz 

Linda Smith 

At fce -s f««ip * $Kf 

Candace Southall 

Jennifer Wooton 

Terry Strickland 

Marvin Wilbanks 

Libby Willis 




A Christmas Carol 75 

A Little Night Music 96, 97 

A1 A Concert 34 

Abernathy, Holli 57, 64, 104, 123, 

Adcox Cazell, Ann 79 
Adeboye, David 125 
Adkins, Justin 104 
Adkins, Miracle 28, 119 
Administrative Services 1 50 
Admissions Office 145 
Alexander, Taylor 67, 104 
Allen, Carl 104, 128 
Allen, Jessica 21 
Allen, Kimberly 132 
Allison, Sophia 50 
Almagno, Stephanie 153 
Alpha Chi 19 
Alpha Lamda Delta 15 
Alpha Phi Omega 141 
Ametohoun, Koffi 9, 104, 122 
Ammons, Patrick 104, 129 
Anderson, Channing 67, 104, 125 
Anderson, Jody 156 
Anderson, Kami 22 
Anderson, Kathleen 147, 154, 155, 

Anderson, Kevin 129, 148 
Anderson, Lauren 104, 125, 127 
Anderson, Leesa 156 
Andrew, Stephen 64, 122, 148 
Andrews, Chris 145 
Andrews, Donna 147 
Arbitter, Jennifer 14, 149 
Arnold, Tyler 104,125 
Arrendale, Thomas A. Ill 25, 49, 54 
Arsenic and Old Lace 35 
Athens Blood Drive 70 
Athens Campus 11, 68, 69, 70, 71 
Athens Campus Orientation 69 
Athens Family Fun Day 11 
Athens Light the Night 71 
Athens Nursing Department 163 

Athens Open Mic and Gallery 68 
Athens Patriot Day 68 
Athens White Water Rafting 70 
Athletics Department 148 
Atkinson, Abby 129 
Atkinson, Molly 64, 104, 123, 140 
Aycock, Brandy 148 
Ayers-Berrong, Marilyn 147, 155, 

Ayers, Brooke 146, 156 
Ayers, Phillip 151 


Babb, Andrew 104 

Bailey, Elaine 140 

Bailey, Josh 91, 104, 128 

Bailey, Robby 104 

Baker, Krista 50, 97, 104, 136 

Balda, Estafania 127, 148 

Balkom, Laura 69, 164 

Ball, Symone 84, 105, 125, 129 

Ballard, Margaret 178 

Ballinger, Sam 104, 122 

Bangura, Abu 104, 122 

Banks, Cayla 104, 126 

Barbrey, Chase 104, 129 

Barin, Soleyman 163, 164 

Barks, Michelle 30 

Bartek, Dale 104, 128 

Bartek, David 128 

Baxley, Lily 75, 104, 141 

Beasley, Samantha 105 

Beavers, Kay 147, 156 

Becker, Sam 141 

Beeks, James 156, 164 

Bell, Kelli 62, 105, 135 

Bell, Matt 104 

Bellamy, Brett 60 

Bennett, Brock 38, 105, 126 

Bennett, Candice 31 

Bennett, Clayton 47 

Benson, Barbara 11, 164 

Benson, Courtney 9, 94, 135, 140 

Berry, Jacob 12, 105 

Best Nickname 82 
Betz, Jennifer 152, 156 
Beyers, Rev. John 42 
Bignault, Stephanie 17, 32, 35, 40, 

Billingsly, Cassie 67, 91, 105, 125 
Black Out the Cave 89 
Black, Abigail 21, 29 
Black, Dusty 128 
Blackmon, Andrew 105, 129 
Blackwell, Jessica 40, 52, 53, 60, 62, 

Blanchard, Nikki 60 
Blanchard, Steve 105, 129 
Blood Drive 42 

Bloomingdale, Rebecca 60, 134 
Bluegrass Festival 34 
Bogart, Stephanie 147 
Boggs, Courtney 77, 126, 134 
Boonstra, Brenda 145, 156 
Bosson, Sara 69 

Bozeman, Jessica 147, 155, 156 
Brand, Eric 52, 132, 139 
Brandon Styles Comedy Show 56, 

Breithaupt, Kathy 147, 154 
Brick, Austin 105 
Briggs, Ellen 147 
Brooks, John 156 
Brookshire, Lisa 147, 156 
Brown, Bill 147 
Brown, Christina 29, 75, 105 
Brown, Kenyon 163, 164 
Brown, Mallory 105, 129 
Brown, Matt 38, 52 
Bruce, Rhonda 22, 135 
Bruce, Tiffany 58 
Bryant, Colton 105, 128 
Buchanan, Vince 16 
Budd, Tamara 12, 57, 135 
Buice, Amy 63, 132 
Bullard, Will 69 
Burgess, Lawanda 31 
Burke, Ethan 31 
Burns, Bethany 105 
Burns, Daniel 35 
Butikofer,Liz148, 156 

Buttram, Tyler 105, 122 
Byrd, Katie 105, 124 


Caldwell, Kevin 105, 128 
Campbell, Wesley 77, 84, 105, 134 
Campus Activity Board 134 
Candids85, 119, 176, 177 
Canning, Jay 10, 48 
Cantabile Concert One' 65 
Canup, Nicole 106 
Carlson, Stephen 30, 155 
Carmack, Ed 147, 155, 156 
Caroling and Tree Lighting 76 
Carolson, Stephen 156 
Carrigan, Sean 140 
Carswell, DeAnna 21 
Carter, Brian 148 
Carter, Duvall 18 
Carter, Maria 13, 20, 48, 52, 77, 82, 

Cash, Tommy 32 
Casino Night 10 
Cassiday, Melanie 60, 106 
Chad Daniels Comedy Show 93 
Chamber Singers 8, 65 
Chandler, David 42 
Channell, Jessica 106 
Chapman, Josh 106, 125 
Charity Auction 77 
Charles, Wendy 153 
Cheek, Emily 33, 129 
Cheerleading Squad 77 
Chemistry Club 140 
Cherry, Amanda 53, 136 
Childers, Cwen 
Childers, Cwen 179 
Cisse, Ben 84, 92, 106, 133, 134, 

City Pass 66, 75 
Clarke-Crissom, Courtney 30, 98, 

Class of 2015 39 
Clay, Justine 106, 122 

Cleaning Staff 151 

Cleere, Ashley 49, 54, 78, 153, 157 

Cleere, Ray 25, 49, 54 

Clendennin, AJ. 106, 123 
Closing 179 
Club Fair 42 
Co-Ed Cheerleading 88 
Cochran, Caleb 33, 91, 106, 128 
Cochran, Lucretia 69 
Cohort Coordinators 154 
Coiner, Taylor 106 
Coke, Whitni17, 97 
Coker, Katy 157 
Colbert, Lamia 106 
Coleman, Njoki 17, 41, 95, 106, 134, 

Collins, Hannah 95, 106 
Collins, Matt 128 
Colophon 179 
Cone, Thomas 106 
Convocation 42 
Cook, Ed 106, 128 
Cooper, Alec 69 
Cooper, Sandra 28 
Cornett, Curtis 33, 99, 106, 128 
Couch, Marquanne 124 
Cousino, Faith 19, 57 
Cox, Anthony 154, 157 
Crawford, LeeAnna 106 
Crawford, Natalie 147, 157 
Cromer, Joann 106 
Crossman, Ariel 106, 134 
Crowe, Austin 106, 129 
Cruikshank, Dawn 23 
Crumley, Hollie 28 
Crump, Alyssa 31 
Crump, Leighann 10, 107 
Cummings, Bob 147, 157 
Cummings, Jake 107, 129 
Curatolo, Joe 107 
Curtale, Emanuela 49 
Cutest Couple 80 
Cuthbert, Storm 107, 123 
Cutrell, KelLee95, 136, 157 


D'Antignac, Kevin 107, 128 

Dague, Steve 157 

Daigle, Viviane 146, 157 

Dale, Lisa 145 

Daniels, Chad 93 

Danna, Natalie 29, 94, 107, 137, 141 

Das, Moses 127 

Date Auction 20, 21 

Davidson, Chris 20, 58, 107, 127 

Davis, Brooks 63, 107 

Davis, Drew 63, 147, 157 

Davis, Hugh 153 

Davis, Kyle 91, 107, 128, 134, 140 

Davis, Larry 157, 163, 164 

Davis, Peter 12, 17, 35, 74, 75, 141 

Davis, Rachel 107, 124 

Dawalt, Patrick 69 

Dawsey, Joe 145, 157 

Dawson, Madison 107 

Deal, Fletcher 17, 50, 107 

Dean, Nathan 9 

Deaton, Quentin 107, 123 

DeFoor, Chanda 150, 157 

DeLaney, Dylan 107, 125 

Dennis, Jamie 129 

Denovellis, Eddie 107 

Department of Art 1 52 

Department of Mass 

Communications 149 
Department of Math & Science 146 
Department of Music 1 53 
Department of Social Sciences 146 
Department of Theater 1 52 
DeSantiago, David 107 
Desilets, Jon 107 
Dillion, Dr. Michael 29, 153 
Disaster Drill 14, 15 
Dixon, Tucker 132, 139 
Donaldson, Justin 107, 126 

Doro, Justin 17, 50, 51,141 
Dorsey, Tonya 28 
Doullyiez, Jacob 29, 47, 91,107 
Doullyiez, Jeremy 8, 17, 35, 51, 63, 

DuChene, Lisa 179 
Duke, John 128 
Dye, Cindy 107, 140 
Dyer, Rodney 147, 160 
Dzik, John 125, 147, 148, 157 


Flag Football 52 

Flynn, Mason 108, 122 

Flynn, Miles 108, 122 

Foote, McKenna 63, 96, 108, 134 

Ford, Kellen 108, 129 

Fowler, Jenny 52, 57, 94 

Fox, Sam 108 

Franklin, Hannah 69 

Free, Dakota 28, 108, 122 

Freshman Family Day 50 

Freshman Move In & Orientation 

38, 39 
Frye, Dr. Tony 20 
Fuller, Jennifer 8, 9, 12, 60, 75, 77, 


Culley, Teresa 109 
Cunn, Katlyn 19 
Cunter, Elizabeth 109 
Gwinnett Braves Came 40 


Earth Day 18, 19 
Eastman, Nikki 141 
Eaton, Chris 38, 108, 122 
Eavenson, Laura 63, 95, 141 
Eberhardt, Rickey 8, 35, 108, 134, 

Echols, Adrien 60 
Edenfield, Carla 157 
Edge, Franklin 146 
Egypt Speaker 20 
Ehmig, Tucker 108 
Ellison, Parker 108, 129 
Emmett, Caleb 38, 108 
Empty Bowls 60 
Erwin, Thomas Andrew 69 
Eslinger, Paige 108, 124 
Etheredge, Richard 108, 126 


Cabelhausen, Bill 141, 152, 157 
Caid, Brian 30, 108, 122 
Cailey, Alex 30 
Calliher, Lindsay 60 
Cantt.Cwen 147 
Cantz, John Sumner 108, 129 
Gardner, Mark 155 
Gardner, Tracey 109, 125 
Garrett, Nolan 8, 80, 137, 141 
Cathercoal, Erin 109, 133, 139, 140 
Gattie, Buck 109 
Ghiley, Alex 109 

Haggard, Chris 128 
Haley, Jasmine 77, 134 
Hall, Morgan 109, 122 
Hallberg, Nick 58, 109, 127 
Hallman, Justin 125, 148 
Halloween Ball 63 
Hamby, Kristin 129, 138 
Hamel, Lauren 109, 125 
Hamilton, Buddy 151 
Hamilton, Kay 151 
Hammond, Marjorie 90, 91, 109, 

Hammonds, Mallory 30 
Hammonds, Talia 68 
Hampel, Megan 52, 57, 132 
Hardy, Humphery 146 
Harmon, Amber 148 
Harmon, James 109, 123, 127 
Harmon, Jason 151 
Harper, Gwendolywn 109 
Harris, Lisa 109 
Harris, Nicole 151 
Harris, Salima 40 

Etheridge, Michael 19 

Gibbs, Davy 145 

Haselhurst, Jamie 17, 74, 138 

Eubanks, Madison 129 

Gilleland, Justin 8, 35, 51, 63, 75, 

Hauck, Lores 153 

Evans, Jay 108, 127 


Haunted House 60, 61 

Glass, Bob 145, 158 

Haygood, Judy 158 

Glenn, Jocelyn 148 

Haymore, Josh 110, 125 


Glenn, Lee 125, 148 

Hayner, Joy 153, 158 


Goershel, Chris 109 

Hayner, Philip 153, 158 


Goodwin, Cydney 109, 122 

Head, Brittney 129 

Goodwin, Laura 109, 122 

Head, Lauren 129 

Falk, Chelsea 108, 124 

Gossett, Beth 124 

Headrick, Kasey 110, 129 

Falk, Chris 151 

Graduate Admissions 1 54 

Health and Wellness 136 

Fall Division 36, 37 

Graduate Studies 155 

Heck, Mitzi 163, 164 

Fall Festival 61 

Gray, Kristin 144 

Heim, Meghan 110, 122 

Fannon, Ashley 98, 108, 124, 127, 

Great Composer Concert 16 

Henderson, Katy 60, 134 


Green, Nicholas 109, 129 

Henderson, Lisa 32 

Farmer, Elizabeth 108, 132, 134 

Greene, Paul 147 

Hendrick, Danielle 110, 125 

Farmer, Liz 122 

Gregory, Morganne 61 

Henri, Philip 67, 110 

Feldman, Sid 124, 148 

Greig, Salima 77, 109, 123, 136 

Hensley,Brit17, 74, 75 

Felice, Candice 157 

Griffith, Grace 28 

Henson, Alecia 110 

Ferree, Ashley 47, 108 

Grimes, Haley 109, 122 

Herebia, JC 40, 41, 61, 94, 125, 133, 

Film Club 133 

Gullett, Adam 151 


Finch, Rita 54 

Herff Jones 179 

Herring, Karly 30 

Herron, Vicki 1 58 

Heydari, Shahryar 42, 146, 1 58 

Hicks, Caroline 110, 125 

Hicks, Drew 110, 129 

Hill, Sarah 90, 110,122 

Hinson, Wally153, 158 

Hochestetter, Kelsey 110, 126 

Hockley, Taylor 110, 122 

Hodge, Katarina 94, 95, 110, 126 

Hodgens, Lisa 153 

Hoffman, Jenna 67, 110, 124 

Holland, Eric 95 

Holland, Michelle 47, 61, 62, 94, 95, 

Hollandsworth, Randy 147 
Hollingsworth, Clark 129 
Hollingsworth, Jake 54 
Hollingsworth, Luke 54 
Hollingsworth, President Danny 42, 

Hollis, Jessica 110, 124 
Holmes, Maghan 65, 110, 134, 137 
Homecoming 2012 90, 91 
Homecoming Bonfire 2012 90 
Homecoming Court 2011 9 
Homecoming Court 2012 90, 91 
Homecoming Game 201291 
Homeless on the Quad 47 
Hoopla Frenzy 67 
Howard, Taylor 141 
Hudson, Bryan 12 
Huff , Shantara 110 
Humanities 153 
Humphrey Brown, Angela 147 
Husseini, Hares 110, 122 
Hyche, Amber 110, 122 


Improv Show 92 
Index Division 166, 167 
Ingram, Dustin 10 
Intramural Club 52, 133 
Invade Concert 41 
Irvin, Brett 145 


Jameson, Alec 110, 123 
Jameson, Zachary 111 
Jawara, Lusani 134 
Jenkins, Chelsea 74, 111, 132, 139 
Jenkins, Connie 22, 31, 135 
Jenkins, Jessie 81, 91, 111, 125 
Jensen, Sami 69 
Jerkins, Hallye 111, 124 
Jimenez, Audra 30 
Johnson-Huff, Jamie 163, 164 
Johnson, Henry 152, 158 
Johnson, India 111 
Johnson, Jamison 30 
Johnson, Kathleen 10 
Johnson, Katie 134 
Johnson, Nicholas 96, 111, 134 
Johnson, Rebecca 90, 111, 122, 

Jones, Alyssa 111, 125 
Jones, Josh 30 
Jones, Paul 111, 129 
Jones, Rob 141, 152,158 
Jones, Samantha 69 
Jones, Tianashan 9, 40, 62, 95, 137 
Jordan, Allison 69, 111 
Jordan, Jean 147 
Jordan, Joan 154 
Justice, Katie 63, 139 
Justice, Victoria 23 


Kappa Pi 60, 141 
Keadle, Matt 128 
Keef, Patsy 150, 158 
Keel, Elaine 151 
Keel, Walter 155, 158 
Keilholtz, Tara 52,63,139 
Kelley, Hillary 111,134 
Kelly, Chris 146, 152, 158 

Kenney, Cara 111, 141 
Kesler, Doug 129 
Kesler, Megan 99, 129 
Ketchie, Monica 163, 164 
Kibler, Madge 147 
Kilby, Alicia 29 
Kilby, John 29 
Killeen, Joseph 69 
Klersey, George 155, 158 
Knarr, Katheryn 10, 66, 111, 124, 

Koffi, Lydie111,134 
Koons, Tate 111, 128 
Krause, Erin 29, 111, 124 
Kreiner, Raymond F. 30, 155, 158 
Kubandi, Kevin 111, 125 
Kull, Jamie 30, 111 


Lampl, Dan 125 

Landeros, Lily 42, 111 

Latoni, Seth83, 134, 136 

Leaf, Nicholas 42, 52, 111, 129 

Leathers, Kammy 163, 164 

Leckman, Sonya 29, 134, 137 

Ledford, Becky 28 

Ledford, Jeff 13, 126 

Lee, Jasper 179 

Lee, Josh 52, 132 

Lemmons, Gary 147 

Leslie, Owen 30 

Leslie, Ron 147 

Lew, Chris 112, 128 

Lewallen, Charlotte 112, 125 

Lewallen, Josh 151 

Lewis, Hillary 91, 124, 136 

Library Staff 145 

Life Division 4, 5 

Lisk, Matt 112, 128 

Lister, Brendan 112, 122 

Lister, Trey 41 , 60, 61 , 1 1 2, 1 34, 

Lockridge, Connor 112, 122 
Loggins, Penny 154, 158 

Lovelace, Garrett 33, 112, 128 
Lovell, Jessica 134 
Lovell, Kim 158 
Lovern, Beth 164 
Lowry, Renee 12, 124, 136 
Lucado, Charles 147 
Luikham, Caleb 97, 133 
Lundberg, Kyle 112, 125 
Lyndsey, Daniel 112 
Lyons, Patrick 9, 67, 81, 112 
Lytle, Timothy 153 


MacDonald, Luke 112, 135 
Macey, Leah 77 
Maclean, Dilyn 31, 112, 122 
Maffett, Danielle 11 2, 124 
Maguire, Sean 40, 57, 61, 95, 112, 

Mahaffey, Brandon 8, 35, 49 
Mahoney, Alexandra 17, 38, 77, 124 
Maintenance Staff 1 51 
Manderano, Pete 129, 148 
Mangum, Billy 9, 91, 112 
Mangum, Mylle 78 
Marcinko, Tyler 112 
Martin, Brooke 134 
Martin, Carol 21 
Martin, Casey 145, 159 
Martin, Dick 147, 159 
Martin, Joseph 31, 141 
Martin, Terry 33, 129, 148 
Martin, Trey 38, 112, 123, 127 
Martinez, Cynthia 28 
Mashbum, Jesse 134 
Mashburn, Matthew 112 
Mason-Scharfenstein Museum of 

Art Opening 49 
Massey, Harold 151 
Massey, Marchelle 112 
Masten, Amy 29, 92, 141 
Math Club 132 
Maxwell, Chez 112, 123 
May, Kathryn 47, 50, 56, 113, 133 

Maymester Ecuador 28 
Maymester England & Scotland 29 
Maymester Germany & Prague 30 
Maymester Italy 31 
Maymester Peru 32 
Mays, Dixie 28 
McAllister, Mak 32 
McCain, Stan 154 
McClain, Megan 113, 129 
McClatchy, Anna 57, 113, 123, 135 
McCleskey, Chelsey 74, 96, 97, 113 
McClure, Matt 8, 17, 35, 92, 141 
McCollum, Pat 147 
McConnell, Kevin 128 
McConnell, Trey 30, 113, 126 
McCormack, Timmy 64, 122 
McCoy, KJ 77 
McDowell, Torrey 113 
McGowan, Ethan 113, 136 
McKee, Bradley 8, 9 
McKee, Jacob 50, 92,96,113 
McKee, Leah 124,136 
McMillian, James 113, 126 
McMillion, Davis 159 
Means, Margie 159 
Means, Nikki 113, 122 
Meeks, Chris 67, 113, 125 
Meents, Kate 8, 12,15 
Melichar, Kenneth 146, 159 
Mellichamp 40th Anniversary 

Concert 14 
Mellichamp, James 14, 54, 149, 153, 

Melton, Sean 113, 122 
Men's Baseball 33, 98, 128 
Men's Basketball 91, 125 
Men's Cross Country 44, 45, 123 
Men's Golf 13, 126 
Men's Lacrosse 59, 98, 129 
Men's Soccer 44, 45, 122 
Men's Tennis 23, 98, 127 
Menzel, Hope 146 
Merrit, Oliver 17, 92 
Merritt, Laura 92, 96, 133 
Metz, Mary 74 
Meyers, Shelby 134 
Michelle Malone Concert 48 

Middleton, Angela 125 

Miers, Ethan 33, 113, 128 

Miesmer, Tim 122, 125 

Miller, Glenn 155 

Miller, Justin 113 

Miller, Kelley 66, 113, 122 

Miller, Parks 147, 150, 159 

Mills, Susan 148, 159 

Milrod, Jake 129, 148 

Milton, Wesley 113, 123, 135 

Mims, Ashley 53, 135 

Misner, John 155, 159 

Moffet, David 68, 164 

Monk, Andy 151 

Moody, Mike 147, 154 

Mooney, David 136 

Moore, Allison 69 

Moore, David 30 

Moore, Michele 153 

Moreland, Monica 124 

Morely, Dale 113, 129 

Morgan, Danielle 12, 48, 61, 63, 124, 

Morgan, Taylor 129 
Moss, Janice 149, 159 
Most Artistic 81 
Most Athletic 81 
Most Fashionable 84 
Most Likely to be Caught Playing 

Beach Volleyball 83 
Most Likely to be Caught Shooting 

Hoops 84 
Most Likely to be Caught Studying 

in the Library 83 
Most Likely to be Famous 82 
Most Likely to Succeed 83 
Most Musical 80 
Most Spirited 81 
Most Theatrical 80 
Mote, Carolyn 60, 63, 141 
Moulton, Jessie 148 
Movie Night on the Quad 40 
Moyer, James 113, 128, 140 
Mr. & Mrs. Piedmont 82 
Mugs Division 102, 103 
Mulholland, Molly 38, 57, 113, 123 
Murley, Bethany 42, 83 

Murri, Kristin 113, 122 
Myers, Shelby 51, 60, 91 
Myrthill, Richarson 114, 125 

Owen, Jacob 141 
Owen, Joyce 141 


Nash, Ashton83, 114, 124 

Navarrete, Rojelio 44, 114, 122 

Navigator Staff 139 

Neighbors, Cat 159 

Neill, Caleb 114 

Nelms, Keith 155, 159 

Nelson, Jane 140 

Nichols, Charles 155 

Nichols, Lyndsey 114, 122 

Nicholson, Patricia 151 

Nimmo, Cindy 150 

Nimmo, Cody 10, 114 

Nimmo, Steven 146, 159 

Nix, Kristin 69 

Nix, Ramsey 149 

Nix, Tyler 69 

Norman, Kaitlin 114, 124 

Norris, Jennie 9, 10 

North Georgia Theater 35 

Nottingham 22 

Nunez, Timmi 91, 114, 128 

Nurse Pinning 23 

O'Brien, Nathan 145, 159 
O'Keefe, Kathleen 147 
Oakley, Abbi 149, 179 
Oberkofler, Max 114 
Office of Development 148 
Office of Student Affairs 147 
Office of the Provost 149 
Office of the Registrar 1 50 
Opper, Jennifer 114, 124 
Orr, Jim 53,114 
Ortis, Spencer 114, 129 


Palmer, Jeremy 140 

Palmer, Mel 163, 164 

Palmour, Julie 147 

Parham, Casey 114 

Parker, Kellie 151 

Parmer, Elizabeth 136 

Parsons, Cameron 114, 122 

Partain, Audrey 69 

Partrick, Davis 128 

Patriots of Piedmont 138 

Patterson, Charlie 64, 148 

Paws for a Cause 95 

Payne, Dowling 9 

Payne, Kristen 9 

Payne, Michelle 119 

Pearce, J.P. 114 

Pease, Gene 147 

Peeples, Haley 91, 129 

Peeples, Jim 148, 159 

Peeples, Taylor 77, 124 

Perrella, Robert 155, 159 

Perry, Kathy 160 

Petersen, Zach 82, 114, 139 

Peterson, Cindy 10, 42, 145, 160 

Piklington, Johnathan 153, 160 

Pilcher, Carsey 58, 114, 123, 124 

Pitt, Jennifer 96, 136 

Pitts, Linda 160 

Pleysier, Al 146, 160 

Poole, Torey 31, 60, 81, 94, 114, 

Porter, Katie 145, 160 
Posey, Amanda 114, 129 
Poston, David 119 
Powderpuff 52 
Powell, Caleb 128 
Powell, Lindsey 69, 114 
Powell, Rachel 115, 124 
Powell, Yvonne 115 
Presidential Inauguration 54 

Price, Andrea 153, 160 
Price, David 148, 160, 179 
Price, Ryan 48, 115, 129 
Prince, Ashley 57, 115, 123 
Prince, Chelsea 58, 115, 127 
Pritchett, Tamara 163, 164 
Pruitt, Cameron 91 
Psi Chi 22, 135 
Puckett, Greg 58, 115 
Pulliam, Neal 151 
Pumpkin Carving Contest 57 
Purdy, Jamie 125, 148 
Putnal, Olivia 179 
Pyron, Meredith 


Ouillin, Jennifer 31 


Rainwater, Tamara 61, 63, 75, 94, 

Rave 88 
Rayes, Elise 67 
Reed, Jacob 31 

Reed, Morgan 58, 77, 99, 124, 127 
Reel, Cody 115 

Reference Section Division 100, 101 
Reilly, Angela 31 
Resident Life Staff 137 
Reyes, Elise 115, 125 
Reynolds, David 178 
Rhodes, Julia 18 
Rice, Catherine 115 
Rice, Katie 94, 115, 135 
Rice, Melissa 8, 63, 75, 92, 115, 135 
Rikeman, Ben 136 
Ringwall, Lauren 153, 160 
Rivers, Chase 115, 122 
Roberts, Joshua 132, 146 
Roberts, Rylee 60, 134 
Robinson, Kallie 115, 134, 135 

Robinson, Katie 8, 17, 35, 75, 97, 

Rodriguez, Ashley 115 
Rogers, Better 147 
Rogers, Dusty 126 
Rogers, Shayna 115, 122 
Romano, Shannon 140 
Rooke, Made 40, 115, 122 
Rose, Patrick 74 
Ross, Michael 91, 115, 125 
Ross, Sky 17, 19, 51, 80, 82, 92, 95, 

Roth, Melissa 136 
Rotoract 1 38 
Rowse, Max 115, 129 
Ruark, Breanna 22 
Rucker, Tisha 31 
Ryon, Jon 116, 122 


Sailors, Katie 58, 77, 116, 127, 140 
Satterfield, Amber 30, 116, 125, 

Savelli, Carmen 51, 96, 97 
Scali, Justin 148 
Schaffernoth, Kelsey 44, 66, 116, 

Schmitz, Julia 163, 164 
Schnautz, Casey 77, 124, 136 
School of Education 147 
Schroyer, Audrey 77, 124 
Schticks and Giggles 92 
Schulte, Monica 153 
Schutter, Seth116 
Schutz, Codi116, 122 
Scott, Linda 160 
Searcy, Coleton 63 
Segars, Donna 116 
Sellers, Casey 151 
September 11th Memorial 46, 47 
Service Leadership Club 134 
Sexton, Taylor 15, 74 
Shattuck, Emily 116, 122 
Shaw, Paul 147 

Shedd, Brannon 10, 116 
Sheffield, Jason 135 
Shelton, Savannah 17 
Sheppard, Josh 151 
Sherfy, Stephen 116, 122 
Sherman, Colton 28, 116, 123 
Sherrer, Patricia 155 
Shirey, David 150, 151,160 
Shirley, Michael 147 
Silverberg, Joel 53, 116, 127, 136, 

Simmons, Moleek 8, 12, 17, 96, 116, 

Singer, Ralph 146, 160 
Six Flags Fright Night 58 
Skaggs, Will 116, 125 
Skelton, Megan 69 
Sketch, Taylor 116 
Sloan, Phillip 9 
Smagur, Sarah 138 
Smith-Patrick, Susan 147 
Smith, Amber 15, 18 
Smith, Cwen 28 
Smith, Hilton 147 
Smith, Jendera 22 
Smith, Jonathan 31 
Smith, Kate 30 
Smith, Linda 160, 164 
Smith, Meghan 127 
Smith, Nikki 160 
Smith, Safari 67, 116, 125 
Smith, Sidney 9, 31, 116, 122, 135 
Snyder, Wes 116, 122 
Sosia, Michelle 124, 136 
Soucy, Stephen 116, 126 
South Pacific 50, 51 
Southall, Candace 163, 165 
Speed Dating 48 
Speed, Donna 160 
Spiegel, John 152, 161 
Sports Division 120, 121 
Sprague, Zach 48, 116, 129 
Spring 2011 Division 6, 7 
Spring 2011 Formal 12, 13 
Spring 2011 Graduation 24 
Spring 2012 Division 86, 87 
Spring Sports 98, 99 

Sridej, Alex 81, 117 

Sridej, Nic 9, 10, 29, 60, 63, 82, 83, 

Stanley, Wendy 145, 161 
Staples, Heidi 68, 153 
Steck, Patrick 32, 58, 99, 117, 127 
Stedevan, Russ 147 
Stegner, Benji 25 
Stephens, Drew 117 
Stephens, Jimmy 122, 148 
Stephens, Matt 117 
Stevens, Austin 126 
Still, Danny 151 
Stinson, Brad 117 
Stock, Nathan 20 
Stow, Pam 161 
Strickland, Abbie 141 
Strickland, Brady 117 
Strickland, Josh 128 
Strickland, Steven 56, 60, 133, 134 
Strickland, Terry 163, 165 
Strides for a Cure 62 
Stroupe, Will 67, 125 
Studdard, Megan 117, 129, 139 
Student Leadership Council 139 
Student Organizations Division 1 30, 

Stutt, Nick 126 
Suda, Sandi 148, 161,179 
Sudderth, Chris 50 
Summer Division 26, 27 
Superlatives 80, 81, 82, 83, 84 
Sutton, Abigail 117, 134 
Sutton, Ann 149 
Sutton, Jesse 117, 134 
Sutton, Rhonda 150, 161 
Sweets for Your Sweetie 94 
Swisher, Olivia 9, 20, 31, 77, 91, 124 
Szczesna, Jasmina 41, 42, 61, 64, 



Table of Contents 2, 3 
Talley, Haley 60 

Tatum, Hayden 51 

Tatum, Kais 51 

Tatum, Mary Kathryn 145, 161 

Taylor, Barbara Brown 155 

Taylor, Debra 149, 161 

Taylor. Ed 155 

Taylor, Jessica 96, 117 

Team Piedmont 135 

Teasley, Chambrike 150, 161 

Tench, Josh 30 

Terilli, Brooke 12, 31, 40, 47, 57, 60, 

61,62,94,95 117,135,136, 

The Current 136 
Theme Conference 66 
The Tempest 8,9 
Thomas, Bradley 77, 117, 122 
Thomas, Cat 53, 134 
Thomas, Hannah 141 
Thomas, James 117 
Thomas, Keiondria 117 
Thomas, Sam 50 
Thomas, Trey 117 
Thomas, Vincent 117, 122 
Thomaswick, Zach 29, 54, 62, 95, 

Thompson, Amy 140 
Thompson, Chris 117 
Thompson, Keiondria 125 
Thorson, Bryce 60, 117, 123 
Thrams, Aaron 118, 125 
Tidwell, Aubrey 57, 77, 91, 94, 124, 

Timms, Patrick 139 
Tipton, Rane 35 
To Kill a Mockingbird 17 
Tolliver, Jessica 57, 118, 123 
Tolliver, Rachel 38, 64, 118, 123 
Triguero, Preston 50, 91, 118, 136 
Trillium 21 
Tritt, Krista 40 
Truguero, Preston 123 
Tucker, Angela 22, 31 
Turner, Vickie 149, 161 
TV Club 132 


Ugi, Sasha 9, 12, 30, 40, 42, 52, 62, 


Vajani, Rajvee 38, 118, 123 
Valadez, Rudy 42, 134 
Van Cantf ort, Dale 1 39, 1 49, 1 79 
Vance, Cynthia 15, 22, 146, 161 
Vargo, Charlotte 64, 122, 148 
Vencil, Ian 65, 136 
Vidd, Danielle 9, 53, 57 
Vincent, Denyse 147, 161 
Vincent, Jacob 48, 63, 77, 80, =134 
Voight, Marshall 118, 126 


Waldrop, Andy 118 

Walk, Rosie 95 

Walker School of Business 155 

Walker, Lashiroh118 

Waller, Kerry 155, 161 

Ward, Jekka 132 

Waters, Hayleah 90, 118, 122 

Watson, Kayla 40, 61, 62, 95, 132, 

Way, Brittany 132 
Weatherby, Nick 118, 122 
Weaver, Chase 8, 96, 133 
Weaver, Mark 30 
Webb, Joyce 155, 161 
Wells, Mikayla 60 
Welsh, Jim 147 
West, Brittany 80, 118 
Wheeler, Sada 118, 125 
Wheeler, Shanice 81,91,118,129 
Whitaker, Justin 45, 118, 122 

White, Max 78, 146.161 
White, Raley 9 
Whited, Stephen 153 
Whitehouse, Shelby 60, 118 
Whitlow. Marie 151 
Whitmire, Jenny 118 
Whittaker. Allyson 19, 56, 118. 134 
Wilbanks, Marvin 161, 165 
Wilkie, Jessica 12, 40, 60, 61, 62, 

Williams, Alex 30 
Williams, Chris 30 
Williams, Pam 151 
Williams, Robert 118, 123, 135 
Willis, Brooks 83, 118, 122 
Willis, Libby 161, 165 
Willsea, Antoinette 28 
Wilson-Botts, Kaitlin 152, 156 
Wind Ensemble 18, 74 
Winter Division 72, 73 
Winter Graduation 78, 79 
Wofford, Linda 150, 162 
Wolfe, Whitney 129 
Women's Basketoall 10, 91, 125 
Women's Cheerleading 124 
Women's Cross Country 44, 64, 123 
Women's Golf 13, 126 
Women's Soccer 44, 45, 64, 122 
Women's Softball 33, 98, 129 
Women's Tennis 98, 127 
Women's Volleyball 44, 45, 124 
Wood, Shane 127, 148 
Woodall, Colt 119 
Woods, Chase 119, 129 
Wooten, Jennifer 145, 163, 165 
Wright, Katie 60, 148, 162 


Yanagiya, Jordan 132 

Yonahian Staff 140 

Young, Stewart Parker 20, 119, 

Youtsey, Matt 119, 128 


Zanone, Megan 38, 119, 123, 

Zapp, James 145, 162 


M -•:*! 

r p*& 



* - 


2^ ^^^^ ^^ 

a V 


Mr * * i 

^7 1 


e »-u 


Yearbook Staff: 

Rebecca Johnson, Editor 

Erin Gathercoal, Assistant Editor 

Katie Sailors, Staff 

Dale Van Cantfort, Faculty Advisor 

This copy of the 92nd volume of the Yonahian is one of 700 printed by Herff Jones. This 
8.5x11 book was printed on 100 lb paper. This yearbook was made possible due to an amazing 
amount of support from the Piedmont community, as well as from our Herff Jones 
representatives. Thank you Cwen and Mark Childers, Olivia Putnal and Lisa DuChene, who were 
our amazing Herff Jones staff, that helped us throughout the year. 

Also, thank you to Piedmont's president Danny Hollingsworth for all his support and 
allowing the yearbook to continue to be produced. Another huge thanks goes out to our 
Department of Mass Communication staff, especially Dale Van Cantfort who was our faculty 
advisor as well as Abbi Oakley. They both listened to our complaints and gave us support, 
guidance and helped us problem-solve throughout the year. Thank you to everyone who 
uploaded and sent in photos to help us fill the yearbook. We especially want to thank Jasper 
Lee, Sandi Suda and David Price for being a huge help with photos! Along with the support of 
everyone, the staff created this book using the Herff Jones online software eDesign. In the 
book we used the fonts AHJ Sharpie Print and AHJ Antique Olive and created our own layouts. 

it took a great deal of time and hard work to make this book, but it was also a lot of fun. 
The staff tried to attend as many events as possible to capture lots of memories. With a staff 
of three we know there will be mistakes, but we hope you can look past them to see what a 
great year we had at Piedmont and keep this yearbook for years to come. Also, don't forget: 
Just Be Be yourself whoever that might be! 





Thomas A. Arrendale, III* 

Chairman, Board of Directors and 
Chief Executive Officer 
Fieldale Farms Corporation 
Baldwin, Georgia 


DockC. Sisk'72* 

Superintendent (Retired) 
Banks County School System 
Homer, Georgia 


Mylle Mangum* 

Chairman and 
Chief Executive Officer 
IBT Enterprises 
Norcross, Georgia 

Edward D. Ariail '80* 

Financial Advisor 

Morgan Stanley Smith Barney 

Athens, Georgia 

Elizabeth E. Bingham 

Senior Minister 

Pilgrim Congregational Church 

Pomona, California 

Nathan L Burgen 79 


Gold's Department Stores 

Cornelia, Georgia 

Martha K. Cantrell '80 

Gifted Program Coordinator 
Habersham County 
School System 
Clarkesville, Georgia 

Dennis T. Cathey 


Cathey and Strain 
Cornelia, Georgia 

Ben F. Cheek, III 

Chairman - Board of Directors 
Chief Executive Officer 
1st Franklin Financial Corporation 
Toccoa, Georgia 

Robin Coile 

Georgia Department of Corrections 

Danielsville, Georgia 

James E. Cornwell, Jr. 

Cornwell Law 
Toccoa, Georgia 

Doc Eldridge 


Athens Area Chamber of Commerce 

Athens, Georgia 

Dwight H. Evans* 

President, (Retired) 
Southern Company 
Atlanta, Georgia 

David C. Foster '88 

Manager of Marketing and 

Member Services 
Clarkesville, Georgia 

JohnC. Foster '69* 


Habersham Broadcasting, Inc. 

Cornelia, Georgia 

Mack H. Guest, III 


LAD Truck Lines, Inc. 

Watkinsville, Georgia 

Thomas M. Hensley, Jr. 


Fieldale Farms Corporation 

Baldwin, Georgia 

Jane C. Higdon 70 

Assistant Vice President (Retired) 
Wachovia Bank 
Atlanta, Georgia 

James C. Hobbs, III 

Executive (Retired) 
BellSouth Corporation 
Partner, Outlook4Mobility 
Atlanta, Georgia 

William M. House 

Gainesville, Georgia 

Tommy Irvin 

Commissioner (Retired) 

State Department of Agriculture 

Mt. Airy, Georgia 

James R. LeMay 

Deputy Managing Editor 
CNN News 
Marietta, Georgia 

Courtney Loudermilk 

Atlanta, Georgia 

William S. Loyd 

Senior Vice President 

South Carolina Community Bank and 

Cornelia, Georgia 

Bill Mason, M.D. '57 

Dermatologist (Retired) 
Birmingham, Alabama 

Shirley J. Meeks 72 

Principal, Cornelia Elementary 

School (Retired) 
Prevent Child Abuse Habersham 
Homer, Georgia 

Kara K. Moody 

Bragg Dental 
Cumming, Georgia 

Jim Parham 67 

Jim Parham & 

Associates, Inc. 
Lakeland, Florida 

Joseph M. Piper '95 

Senior Consultant/Engagement 

Gainesville, Georgia 

Thomas M. Richard 70 

Executive Secretary 
National Association of 

Congregational Christian 

Oak Creek, Wisconsin 

Brian Rickman '98 

District Attorney 
Mountain Judicial Circuit 
Clarkesville, Georgia 

Stanley W. Roberts 79 

General Manager 

Hayes Buick Pontiac GMC Cadillac 

Toccoa, Georgia 

Betty L. Siegel 

President Emerita 
Kennesaw State University 
Kennesaw, Georgia 

Eugene Sutherland, Sr. 

Chief Executive Officer 
Sutherland's Food Service 
Forest Park, Georgia 

D. Stewart Swanson* 

Senior Director, Sales 
Alpharetta, Georgia 

Joseph A. Wingate, Jr. 

Senior Vice President 
Director of Sales 
Financial Supermarkets, Inc. 
Cornelia, Georgia 

Danny P. Hollingsworth 

Piedmont College 
Demorest, Georgia 

W. Ray Cleere 

President Emeritus 
Piedmont College 
Demorest, Georgia 


Sung Nei Charles Cho '57 

Somis, California 

Steve C. Jones 


United States District Court 

Atlanta, Georgia 

Walter N. Kalaf '02 

United Methodist Minister (Retired) 
Gainesville, Florida 

Paul J. Reeves 

President, Habersham Hardware 

and Home Center 
Cornelia, Georgia 

H. Milton Stewart, Jr. '89 

Chairman of the Board and 

Chief Executive Officer (Retired) 
Standard Telephone Company 
Lecanto, Florida 

Kay S. Swanson 

Corporate Treasurer and 
Assistant Secretary (Retired) 
Standard Telephone Company 
Cornelia, Georgia 

Paul C. Rosser 

U.S. Navy RADM (Retired) 
Chairman Emeritus, Executive 

Rosser International, Inc. 
Atlanta, Georgia 

"Executive Committer 





■ ■ • 


.*i -X i